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Few Questions about Magic Items [CLOSED]
Hazard335 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1435
#1 Posted: 09:13:14 27/10/2013 | Topic Creator

  1. Is there any order to the Magic Items on the collection screen?

  2. The guide book says that the Arkeyan Crossbow unlocks allot more content then the Fiery Forge. Am I understanding this right? Why did they not balance this out more?

  3. In SSA the Adventure Packs actually had a Order in the chapter menu. Empire of Ice actually was the first Adventure Pack chapter listed, even tho it wasn't released first.
  4. What Adventure Pack comes first in Swap Force? The Guide book lists Sheep Wreck Islands first, but the book could be listing them randomly.
    I know the order really does not matter at all, I just have OCD about it.
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wreckingballbob Emerald Sparx Gems: 4272
#2 Posted: 10:10:14 27/10/2013
1. I am not sure I think it is random order.

2. It is does unlock more than Fiery Forge I am not sure why though...

3. It goes

Sheep Wreck Island

Tower Of Time

Then the normal chapters after them.

Also Sheep Wreck Island unlocks more than Tower Of Time.
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Hazard335 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1435
#3 Posted: 17:16:13 28/10/2013 | Topic Creator
Thanks bob.
I wonder if Sheep Wreck Island was suppose to be the first adventure pack released with Pop Thorn,
and later on Tower of Time would be released with Wind-Up.
But then they suddenly decided to release Tower of Time first.
And since Countdown (another Tech) was already going to be in wave one, they decided to switch Pop Thorn and Wind-Up.
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