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Camera issue - xbox [CLOSED]
Pirg Blue Sparx Gems: 592
#1 Posted: 01:40:18 23/10/2013 | Topic Creator
Had this happen yesterday on the sheepshooter board.

At the spawn in, camera got stuck at a strange angle and never went back to normal. Tried swaping out skylanders and that didn't work, tried going back to main menu and back into the game and that didn't work.

Had to back out to xbox dash board and back into the game.

Thought it was a fluke until while in Woodburrow near the training dummies it did it again.

Anyone else have similar issue?
Tel Prydain Blue Sparx Gems: 903
#2 Posted: 02:36:20 23/10/2013
I'm on Xbox and no. What were you doing at the time - I can try to replicate it.
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spyrothe111 Gold Sparx Gems: 2341
#3 Posted: 10:17:13 23/10/2013
That happened to me too when I was playing Chapter 3. smilie
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Pirg Blue Sparx Gems: 592
#4 Posted: 11:27:21 23/10/2013 | Topic Creator
Quote: Tel Prydain

I'm on Xbox and no. What were you doing at the time - I can try to replicate it.

First time while in chapter I just zoned in and moved around. The camera went to a strange angle and got stuck. Didn't follow my skylander around. Only thing I can think of is that I put a hidden chest on the portal, but I do that for every level and never had a problem before.

Second time my daughter going the game while in Woodburrow seem to cause it.
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