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Swap Force Character abilities question [CLOSED]
wario41 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1024
#1 Posted: 22:58:29 15/10/2013 | Topic Creator
So I just started playing swapforce today and I already came to a gate I can't enter, a "Dig" gate. Looking at the "what we know" thread, it looks like most of the swapforce characters all have unique abilities like dig/climb/speed/teleport/rocket/etc. Do I need one swapforce character with each ability to 100% the game? Thanks for any help.
Xerxxees Blue Sparx Gems: 839
#2 Posted: 23:02:05 15/10/2013
Yes you do.
Cooltonium Blue Sparx Gems: 605
#3 Posted: 23:03:23 15/10/2013
That was easy!
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scratchking22 Blue Sparx Gems: 725
#4 Posted: 23:22:01 15/10/2013
Here's The List:
Teleportation: smilie Hoot Loop (Out Now) and smilie Night Shift (Out Wednesday at Toys 'R Us)
Speed (aka Run or Zoom): smilie Magna Charge (Out Now) and smilie Freeze Blade (2014)
Dig: smilie Grilla Drilla (Out Wedsnday at Toys 'R Us) and smilie Doom Stone (2014)
Spin: smilie Free Ranger (Out Now, 3DS Starter) and smilie Rubble Rouser (Wave 3)
Jump (aka Spring): smilie Rattle Shake (Out Now, 3DS Starter) and smilie Fire Kraken (Out Wednesday at Toys 'R Us)
Bomb/Boom: smilie Blast Zone (Console Starter, Not Avaliable As A Single Pack) and smilie Boom Jet (Out Wednesday at Toys 'R Us)
Climb: smilie Wash Buckler (Console Starter, Not Available as a Single Pack) and smilie Spy Rise (Wave 3)
Stealth/Sneak: smilie Stink Bomb (Wave 3) and smilie Trap Shadow (2014)

You can't get into Dig zones until tomorrow or Stealth zones until Wave 3 releases. Also, smilie Blast Zone and smilie Wash Buckler may have a single pack in the future.
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weebbby Emerald Sparx Gems: 3933
#5 Posted: 23:30:34 15/10/2013
^ January is unconfirmed. It could be November 28, or December 1, or any other day after October 16.
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