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Boom and Barkley
dark52 Spyro the Admin Gems: 10937
#1 Posted: 21:24:45 07/10/2013 | Topic Creator
In this week's Skylanders: Lost Islands update the last of the sidekicks squeezes in and the boys set up their own HQ.

[User Posted Image]

  • Just in the nick of time Barkley makes his debut and rounds out the Giants Sidekicks only days before Swap Force is due to be released. If you don't have the toy he'll cost you 300 Gems.
  • The Scouts HQ provides a house for all of the boy Skylanders, complete with a 200 Gem price tag. The output is just like the Sky Cadettes HQ that the girl Skylanders got last week.

Last Friday the official Youtube channel posted the first in what looks to be the start of a series of weekly videos, the Skylanders Boomcast.

Skylanders Boomcast brings you the latest in Skylanders SWAP Force news. Host Zachary Gordon reveals the story behind the SWAP Force team and shares his favorite new combination when he swaps WASH BUCKLER with STINK BOMB to form: STINK BUCKLER! And Fryno makes a special appearance.

New Skylanders VIDEOS EVERY FRIDAY featuring the latest NEWS, TIPS & FAN ART of your favorite characters in Skylanders SWAP Force.
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camo master Green Sparx Gems: 337
#2 Posted: 21:29:25 07/10/2013
ive seen this on a previous topic! zach acts a little to enthusiastic. but im still excited about boomcast!
...A prestigious return, if i may say so myself...
Jesus Skywalker Yellow Sparx Gems: 1940
#3 Posted: 23:09:57 07/10/2013
I don't think any of my FB friends actually play Lost Islands. I'd like to get some friends to visit.
stelthelffan Yellow Sparx Gems: 1393
#4 Posted: 00:26:56 08/10/2013
dark edition smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie
plz try my quiz im a huge smilie fan !!!!!
stelthelffan Yellow Sparx Gems: 1393
#5 Posted: 01:18:27 08/10/2013
not dark spyro i mean smilie
plz try my quiz im a huge smilie fan !!!!!
Fan Of Skylands Yellow Sparx Gems: 1400
#6 Posted: 06:43:55 08/10/2013
Diary of a wimpy kid.
I'll be on every now and then.
stelthelffan Yellow Sparx Gems: 1393
#7 Posted: 17:31:33 08/10/2013
smilie he is awesome
plz try my quiz im a huge smilie fan !!!!!
pennyman Gold Sparx Gems: 2106
#8 Posted: 09:56:59 09/10/2013
i'm addicted to Skylanders Lost Islands - it's a quick 5-10 minute time killer for me while I'm waiting for files to render/export smilie

As for the Skylanders Boomcast - yes it will be a weekly series - things should seem a bit 'smoother' in the second episode - hope you guys enjoy!
JARman712 Blue Sparx Gems: 550
#9 Posted: 23:39:51 11/10/2013
Oh. My. Gosh. Did anybody else notice the blue Eye-Brawl!?!
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BlazeHeatnix28 Blue Sparx Gems: 911
#10 Posted: 03:03:49 12/10/2013
Flynn has also returned from the Cloudbreak Islands and is once again available for purchase in the Companions Store for the same price of 3000 Gems.
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Gill Grunt S3 Red Sparx Gems: 92
#11 Posted: 16:07:41 12/10/2013
i am getting this in dark edition smilie smilie dark spyro dark blast zone dark slobber tooth and my fav is nitro smilie
NINJAsk11 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1124
#12 Posted: 16:47:41 12/10/2013
Quote: Fan Of Skylands
Diary of a wimpy kid.

who's the whimpy kid??
stelthelffan Yellow Sparx Gems: 1393
#13 Posted: 18:19:28 12/10/2013
plz try my quiz im a huge smilie fan !!!!!
Zaidzilla Green Sparx Gems: 147
#14 Posted: 20:40:14 12/10/2013
What will Skylanders Swap Force bring to the Lost Islands? Hmmm
Zaidzilla Green Sparx Gems: 147
#15 Posted: 11:31:18 13/10/2013
It out today! Yeah!!!!!
stelthelffan Yellow Sparx Gems: 1393
#16 Posted: 07:30:52 14/10/2013
have the dark edition smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie
plz try my quiz im a huge smilie fan !!!!!
Jewced Red Sparx Gems: 11
#17 Posted: 18:00:24 19/10/2013
Need friends!!!! Please consider friending myself, my wife, and my son, respectively: sage_phillips, audreyhphillips, and Robotrev

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