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day one variants uk [CLOSED]
darrenbiglove Green Sparx Gems: 410
#1 Posted: 14:55:39 30/08/2013 | Topic Creator
anyone know if Tesco, Toysrus or Smyths will have store exclusive variants day one ?
wreckingballbob Yellow Sparx Gems: 1775
#2 Posted: 14:56:56 30/08/2013
Don't know...

Game has Darks

TRU has Legendaries
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NINJAsk11 Blue Sparx Gems: 964
#3 Posted: 14:57:29 30/08/2013
probs we will see L-freeranger/night shift
we also might see Nitro megna charge.....

but its all unconfirmed.....
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Doomslicer Yellow Sparx Gems: 1203
#4 Posted: 15:51:29 30/08/2013
Legendaries and Nitro confirmed day one?
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Matteomax Hunter Gems: 1682
#5 Posted: 15:54:20 30/08/2013
Quote: Doomslicer

Legendaries and Nitro confirmed day one?

Unknown, but likely.
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