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Companions & Alter-ego's [CLOSED]
Doobrywhatsits Green Sparx Gems: 363
#1 Posted: 06:41:20 16/08/2013 | Topic Creator
I know this topic has already been discussed, but I'd just like to revisit the subject in case anyone has any fresh ideas. Autumn Camo & Witch Hex were the best alter-egos. Does anyone want to add more to list. Plus we need more suggestions for companions. I can think of Ermit, Clam-tron 4000, Dreadbeard & Auric.
Cheshire Blue Sparx Gems: 578
#2 Posted: 15:39:45 16/08/2013
I want Snuckles and Glumshanks
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Pico Blue Sparx Gems: 576
#3 Posted: 18:26:15 16/08/2013
I started this thought in another thread but thought I'd put some details here.

Three new companions added to the game. One troll, one sheep, one chompie. Each companion has a corresponding house like Beatrees, or Quigley. The house would either

- Prevent the chance of the corresponding type of enemy from being created
- Double the chance of the corresponding type of enemy from being created

This would give the player the opportunity dictate what they want to see in the game to help with timed quests. The only push back I'd expect is right now trolls are significantly more valuable since they can generate stones/gems while sheep/chompies can only generate chests.

As for alter egos I think we are looking at 2 more alter egos at most from the current cast of characters. My guess is November will be the first Swap Force based alter ego.
Mabu Blue Sparx Gems: 678
#4 Posted: 00:24:53 20/08/2013
What about a companion that sounded an alarm (sent an alert) when an active chompie pod/mob/camp showed up, under the premise that if you clear them faster more will show up?
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Qanai Yellow Sparx Gems: 1327
#5 Posted: 01:26:02 20/08/2013
The only issue with the alert is that the trolls/sheep/chompies generate when you load the game (at least on iOS). The game is not server-based and the game does not continue processing in the background when it is not the active application. Activision has some algorithm it uses to determine what to spawn when you open the game.
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