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How long does it take you to play through YOTD? [CLOSED]
darkspyro199 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1910
#1 Posted: 17:42:09 21/07/2013 | Topic Creator
Takes me about 3 hours now smilie how about you?
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kardonis Platinum Sparx Gems: 5282
#2 Posted: 01:30:21 22/07/2013
Depends on if I want to have fun or not.
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spyrobeta Green Sparx Gems: 237
#3 Posted: 03:30:27 22/07/2013
About 3 for a speed run, 5 for 100% completion.

In all for 100%:

Spyro 1: About 3 hours
Spyro 2: About 4 hours
Spyro 3: About 5 hours
Spyro 4: About 3 hours
Spyro 5: About 8 Hours
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TorchSheep Emerald Sparx Gems: 3226
#4 Posted: 09:45:06 22/07/2013
Depends. For 100% Completion, probably about 7 hours, just to get to the Sorceress probably 3.5 hours.
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JCW555 Hunter Gems: 5719
#5 Posted: 09:47:48 22/07/2013
Complete 117% completion, maybe 6-8 hours.
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SuperSpyroFan Platinum Sparx Gems: 6605
#6 Posted: 10:17:30 22/07/2013
I'm not too sure, I don't play games in one sitting.
Maybe about a week? And I'd play for about two to three hours per day?
SamXala Gold Sparx Gems: 2398
#7 Posted: 19:52:00 22/07/2013
117%? 6 Hours.... (Seriously, I "hate" speedruns but I'm good with that...)
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Jaggedstar Emerald Sparx Gems: 4950
#8 Posted: 22:29:16 22/07/2013
Uhhhhh....without the You're Doomed challenge and the Sorceress ****ing things up with Hunter? sixty seven point zero years
hell yeah
SamXala Gold Sparx Gems: 2398
#9 Posted: 04:16:10 23/07/2013
^You're Doomed Challenge is my favorite of the whole game ._.
O_0 Holy Cow!! I'm a Gold Sparx!
SigmundSeal Green Sparx Gems: 461
#10 Posted: 18:48:36 21/02/2014
100%: 3 hours (not a speedrun)
Up to Sorceress's Lair:1 hour

I guess I'm good. Is that good?
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Skylark56 Blue Sparx Gems: 610
#11 Posted: 19:36:16 21/02/2014
Its took me a year xD (bloody Youtube delays)
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YellowGemiinii Green Sparx Gems: 184
#12 Posted: 04:10:43 27/02/2014
I haven't actually tested myself, but if I sat down and really tried, I could definately beat it in under 24 hours.

Maybe I'll do that one day and see how long it takes me.
Wojowu Yellow Sparx Gems: 1295
#13 Posted: 10:44:06 25/05/2014
I have no idea, I never timed a play. I have, however, passed the game once in 4 days, 2-3 hours a day, so I guess I could manage to do this in 8-10 hours.
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BTDiamonds Blue Sparx Gems: 744
#14 Posted: 23:58:41 06/09/2014
Well, I just completed the game in several sittings over the course of two weeks, playing for 1-3 hours each between 12-24 hours if I were to go 100% in one sitting, me thinks. As for a speedrun, probably about 6-12 hours. smilie
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HeyitsHotDog Platinum Sparx Gems: 5101
#15 Posted: 19:40:19 23/12/2014
It's been few years since I've played the game but I remember ALMOST beating it in four hours.
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Spyro Fan 95 Green Sparx Gems: 127
#16 Posted: 20:45:18 04/05/2015
You're 100% right about that! You're never too old for Spyro!!!
ViceEmargo Green Sparx Gems: 361
#17 Posted: 21:26:46 04/05/2015
Missed my own childhood. So I started the Spyro and Crash Bandicoot games when I was 15. ( I am 17 now. )
And now I am a die-hard fan.
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Lunarz Emerald Sparx Gems: 3269
#18 Posted: 21:36:23 04/05/2015
how long does it take me? A million dollars
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XSpyrashX Green Sparx Gems: 219
#19 Posted: 04:39:44 11/05/2015
Huh. I'd say maybe a week or so
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