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Favourite Ripto's Rage boss?
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thankyou activison!!! [CLOSED]
minecrafter Blue Sparx Gems: 852
#1 Posted: 19:04:27 16/06/2013 | Topic Creator
i got a free spyro's #1 fan this morning! did anyone else get?
zookinator Emerald Sparx Gems: 4309
#2 Posted: 20:50:30 16/06/2013
This is Cloud Patrol, not Lost Islands.
Skylanders Colosseum Clash
A Fanmade Skylanders Boardgame
minecrafter Blue Sparx Gems: 852
#3 Posted: 21:18:33 16/06/2013 | Topic Creator
i know that now!!!! before i read your message im closing it right now
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