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Hey... [CLOSED]
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#1 Posted: 15:42:55 31/05/2013 | Topic Creator
So I've been thinking, and I decided that I would like to make custom ponies for you guys!
Why, you ask?
I would like to save up money for not just college, but for my trip to Italy as well.
Please understand that I am only a beginner at custom ponies, and that I prefer to make G4 (Friendship is Magic styled) ponies, so this is what I can do:

*Reroot mane and tail
*Repaint head and body
*Painting cutie mark on both sides of the pony
*Styling pony hair

I am not trying to advertise anything. I am simply in need of money, and would like to find some way to earn it. So what I'm implying is that I am open for pony commissions.
If you would like a custom pony, just PM me. I will tell you where to send the money to (me), and the minimum price for it. Feel free to make an offer to me in the PM.
Also, if you are a long time darkspyro user or if I know you well, I can take $10 off your offer.
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