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Hero Rank vs. Hero Level? [CLOSED]
DominoToppler Red Sparx Gems: 49
#1 Posted: 17:29:02 01/04/2013 | Topic Creator

So from what I understand, in Skylanders Universe (which is ending soon) you could raise your Hero Level which would show up in the console games when you looked at a Skylander's info. Is this the same as a Skylander's Hero Rank in Lost Islands?

If not, is there anything you can do in Lost Islands or Cloud Patrol (or Battlegrounds) that makes your Skylanders more powerful in the console games? Or are they totally isolated from that? In other words, once Universe ends, will there be any way to affect your Skylanders in the mobile games to where that progress is visible on the console games?

Thanks and sorry for the newb question... Still trying to understand how these mobile games tie into everything else.
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