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Help (Not sure if it's the right section but anyway) [CLOSED]
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#1 Posted: 22:53:49 23/03/2013 | Topic Creator
I'm trying to connect my PS3 to the internet. i got to the point of entering the password for the wireless connection and it says:

Quote: My stupid PS3 which I'm about to get seriously pissed off with
The characters you entered are not valid. For hexidecimal: Use 10 or 26 characters from the ranges 0-9, a-f, and A-F. For ASCll: Use 5 or 13 characters

All I want to do is buy the classic Spyro for PS3 D: D: D: D:
hell yeah
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#2 Posted: 12:30:51 24/03/2013
Right, this is stupidly easy to sort out.

You know your router, to connect devices to the internet? Well, you have a password you need to enter. If you don't enter it correctly, or the router settings you've chosen to connect to are wrong, then it won't let you connect.

So you need to either go through the settings from the beginning...

Or plug the PS3 in with a wire (and then bypassing the need for a password)
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