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Can anyone sign in to PSN? [CLOSED]
Metallo Emerald Sparx Gems: 4657
#1 Posted: 22:43:02 15/03/2013 | Topic Creator
I can't right now and Idk why. Wanted to see if anyone else was having trouble.

EDIT: My error code is 80710092. I looked on Playstation Community forums and one of the mods said it's probably just maintenance. How do I know if it's my problem?
Edited 1 time - Last edited at 22:48:23 15/03/2013 by Metallo
sonicbrawler182 Platinum Sparx Gems: 6220
#2 Posted: 00:34:52 16/03/2013
I wasn't having trouble (don't know if your problem has been fixed yet, though).
"Here I come, ready or Gormotti!"
Metallo Emerald Sparx Gems: 4657
#3 Posted: 01:04:37 16/03/2013 | Topic Creator
It has, will close this soon.
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