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Invitations Amiss! [CLOSED]
Zyndra Green Sparx Gems: 118
#1 Posted: 08:42:25 12/03/2013 | Topic Creator
How is it possible that one of my friends shows as already having sent me 36 invitations? Activate hasn't even been active long enough to have that many accrued by anyone. (And yes, seeing that little red arrow on my list irks me lol)
davesmsperfect Blue Sparx Gems: 930
#2 Posted: 10:34:37 12/03/2013
Mine have been all messed up & crash my game so I haven't been doing all my visits sadly. Takes me over an hour to visit everyone cause I have to go back & save every few friends.
Zyndra Green Sparx Gems: 118
#3 Posted: 11:24:26 12/03/2013 | Topic Creator
The same happens to me, too..... crash, crash, crash. The only bright side is that tonight I noticed that after a crash it seemed to reset the visit to the last few places I'd been to, and I scored a gem or two that had previously given just coins or energy. I guess that's a small consolation prize for enduring the crashes. I do see how it could be abused though, now that I think about it, especially when visiting specific friends seems to consistently cause a crash. Perhaps when they realize they are potentially losing money by giving us unintended free gems that will motivate them to fix the crashing problems. Until then, however, I manually save my game to the cloud after every single gem I get. If you happen to crash before you've saved, and you'd obtained some gems, you'll lose them. At least, that was my experience.
Wesandolla Red Sparx Gems: 26
#4 Posted: 18:43:32 13/03/2013
I do not have any crashing issues, it just won't allow me to visit any more. I was able to for a couple of days, but no longer. It keep telling me that there is a newer update that will allow me to visit. I hit the update now button and it restarts. When I go to the social tab, it tells me the same thing, restart for new update. I am confused on what to do. Everything worked fine at initially. Help!!!
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