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townhall [CLOSED]
scottiedog Blue Sparx Gems: 723
#1 Posted: 16:53:27 17/02/2013 | Topic Creator
How many mabu areneeded? I'm at level 29 andI'mtryingto start building enough residences to be able to build it right at 30.
Triplestringer Green Sparx Gems: 220
#2 Posted: 19:31:33 17/02/2013
From what I remember it is 1600 Mabu required for town hall.
Activate name: skylanderbunny
Peridot Weapon Blue Sparx Gems: 947
#3 Posted: 21:31:17 17/02/2013
Yep, 1600 Mabu for the Town Hall, 1 Million Coins for the Keep. You can only own a maximum of one each.

No real point to either of them, of course, since once you hit Level 30 you can't earn XP anymore. But if you're a "completionist," you'll want them so you can finish the quests related to them (the typical "gather from each building 5 times" ones that the other buildings all had, as well as a "Key to the City" random drop from the Town Hall).
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