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Will the Swap Force portal be backwards compatible? [CLOSED]
Diggeh Emerald Sparx Gems: 3019
#1 Posted: 20:19:19 06/02/2013 | Topic Creator
I know these "will x portal work on y" topics are rather numerous, but I feel that this warrents a separate discussion.

Considering each new game has a new portal, it would be nice if each new iteration replaced the original one.

Ideally we should own no more than 3 portals:

  • Skylanders main game portal
  • Skylanders 3DS infrared portal
  • Skylanders iOS portal

It would also be nice if the portals all looked different. The console and iOS portals are nearly identical. Perhaps a different coloring or style?

Feel free to add to this discussion. I'd rather not own tons of portals by Skylanders 6.
WUMBOSIMPSON Yellow Sparx Gems: 1424
#2 Posted: 20:22:51 06/02/2013
To keep new tech coming in they have to make new portals.
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Zylek Yellow Sparx Gems: 1920
#3 Posted: 21:27:41 06/02/2013
Gosh I hope the IOS bluetooth portal came out late enough that they were able to have it work for Swap Force figures, otherwise it was a big waste to have it obsoleted SO quick.
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jbmindtrick Yellow Sparx Gems: 1201
#4 Posted: 22:05:39 06/02/2013
How about just one unified portal that has all of the tech for all three built in (iOS, 3DS and ALL CONSOLES). That way I don't have like 8 of these around the house, oh yeah and won't have to pay almost $ 200 for all 3 versions. Maybe even have a little more foresight and incorporate some kind of plug and add tech at the bottom so when Skylanders 4 comes out, whatever new tech can just be an add not a whole new portal.
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ItsJustMe Yellow Sparx Gems: 1273
#5 Posted: 23:23:00 06/02/2013
There does not seem to be a good reason why it would not work for previous games. The reason for the new portal is that the old portal can't sustain the new figures that have two chip (swaps). We know the new portal will sustain all older figures.
Jakemouse Blue Sparx Gems: 690
#6 Posted: 23:47:02 06/02/2013
Yeah, if I'm going back to play Giants I hope I don't have to swap portals as well. A minor inconvenience but hey, we are the consumers!
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