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ZapNorris Emerald Sparx [online] Gems: 4121
#1 Posted: 01:04:23 06/02/2013 | Topic Creator
I know you want to.
[User Posted Image]


Bio: N/A

Figure: [User Posted Image]

Palm Strike (Top Half)
Ninja Stars (Top Half)
Fart (Bottom Half) (#calledit)

chained skull
shroom boom
And forever counting


Stink Combos:

Stink Bomb
Stink Buckler
Stink Zone
Stink Shift
Stink Blade
Stink Charge
Stink Shake
Stink Ranger
Stink Loop
Stink Drilla
Stink Rise
Stink Kraken

Bomb Combos

Wash Bomb
Magna Bomb
Blast Bomb
Freeze Bomb
Night Bomb
Spy Bomb
Gorilla/Grilla Bomb
Rattle Bomb
Free Bomb
Hoot Bomb
Fire Bomb
Quote: Metallo

Ass .

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weebbby Emerald Sparx Gems: 3788
#2 Posted: 01:07:11 06/02/2013
I will join! My 2nd fave with no combo included!
DragonCamo Emerald Sparx Gems: 4234
#3 Posted: 01:08:08 06/02/2013
Ill join
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Skybagel Gold Sparx Gems: 2092
#4 Posted: 01:14:45 06/02/2013
I'm in- like Flynn smilie
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henryszuch Gold Sparx Gems: 2536
#5 Posted: 01:15:36 06/02/2013
I'll join.
Camo22 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3213
#6 Posted: 01:32:08 06/02/2013
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chained skull Gold Sparx Gems: 2913
#7 Posted: 01:32:48 06/02/2013
The Storm Approaches
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shroom boom Emerald Sparx Gems: 3012
#8 Posted: 01:36:53 06/02/2013
can i join
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HeyitsHotDog Emerald Sparx Gems: 3728
#9 Posted: 03:11:04 06/02/2013
Join I will!
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isaac343018s Emerald Sparx Gems: 3675
#10 Posted: 03:15:50 06/02/2013
Ill join any one of these as I don't hate any swaplanders as of this point....
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0_0 Ripto Gems: 11
#11 Posted: 03:25:56 06/02/2013
He is the one swap lander I like.
ZapNorris Emerald Sparx [online] Gems: 4121
#12 Posted: 03:39:31 06/02/2013 | Topic Creator
I Also like Washbuckler.
Quote: Metallo

Ass .

Orohu Blue Sparx Gems: 704
#13 Posted: 03:48:14 06/02/2013
I kinda already like him.
Here's a CG render of him: [LINK]
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TerraFizz Yellow Sparx Gems: 1465
#14 Posted: 03:59:09 06/02/2013
I'm in. Sign me up.
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nitendofan92 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3649
#15 Posted: 04:07:52 06/02/2013
He remeber me of the stench
FlowxEhtxEbirt Blue Sparx Gems: 817
#16 Posted: 04:27:07 06/02/2013
I've looked at these so much today, and I just realized.. The bases are blue, like.. the bottom part.. o: My fave color!!
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Jakemouse Blue Sparx Gems: 690
#17 Posted: 13:06:28 06/02/2013
Yes! He looks awesome!
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TheShadowDragon Ripto Gems: 2886
#18 Posted: 04:53:00 07/02/2013
From what I could tell about Stink Bomb, he is a green kung fu skunk with noxious fart attacks. Can't wait to play this new guy.
skyoutube Green Sparx Gems: 497
#19 Posted: 04:54:05 07/02/2013
This guy looks awesome
Tributaryink9 Blue Sparx Gems: 762
#20 Posted: 05:09:41 07/02/2013
Put me in!! Anything with a fart attack is beast!!
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sprocketrocket Emerald Sparx Gems: 3488
#21 Posted: 20:15:19 07/02/2013
I join please
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Legodude56 Blue Sparx Gems: 710
#22 Posted: 20:30:23 07/02/2013
Count me in. I like the looks of stinkbomb!
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HotDogClub Red Sparx Gems: 66
#23 Posted: 20:41:09 07/02/2013
Let me in! Loving the looks of him, his figure is not the best, though...
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azz01 Gold Sparx Gems: 2498
#24 Posted: 20:58:05 07/02/2013
I am in he is my fav swap force character along with Magna Charge.
ClayFace Blue Sparx Gems: 835
#25 Posted: 21:23:36 07/02/2013
I'll join.
DragonsDream Green Sparx Gems: 435
#26 Posted: 22:35:45 07/02/2013
his catch phrase:
"pull my finger"
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drake8888 Gold Sparx Gems: 2032
#27 Posted: 01:08:24 08/02/2013
I'll join. He is my favorite SWAP force character.
smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie
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onslaught Blue Sparx Gems: 721
#28 Posted: 01:37:36 08/02/2013
ill join
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thumpinator Gold Sparx Gems: 2289
#29 Posted: 07:21:53 08/02/2013
I'll join!
Skylanders fan Emerald Sparx Gems: 3062
#30 Posted: 11:04:38 20/04/2013
ill join
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yelvy Yellow Sparx Gems: 1819
#31 Posted: 16:45:47 20/04/2013
I will join! stink bomb is my 2nd favourite skylander after spyro! smilie
Beep boop?
PinkWater Yellow Sparx Gems: 1059
#32 Posted: 14:44:31 21/04/2013
I'm in, unless I already joined smilie

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ZapNorris Emerald Sparx [online] Gems: 4121
#33 Posted: 16:57:38 21/04/2013 | Topic Creator
Well, okay!
Quote: Metallo

Ass .

Eruptor100 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1446
#34 Posted: 07:42:54 22/04/2013
Join me in, stink bomb's my fav life element
Stick em up!
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Ninpire Gold Sparx Gems: 2906
#35 Posted: 22:13:44 22/04/2013
stink bomb looks like it would end up being a girl......COME ON where are the male ninjas?
Seiki Emerald Sparx Gems: 3532
#36 Posted: 22:40:10 22/04/2013
Quote: Ninpire

stink bomb looks like it would end up being a girl......COME ON where are the male ninjas?

Judging by Stink Bomb's body type, I'd say it's a he.
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Ninpire Gold Sparx Gems: 2906
#37 Posted: 00:50:10 23/04/2013
^ it has a pony tail and its top looks like an outfit for female martial artists
Seiki Emerald Sparx Gems: 3532
#38 Posted: 01:24:53 23/04/2013
Male martial artisits, or just males in general can have ponytails.

I'm just going to blunt here, I don't see anything off hand that would indicate breasts as a humanoid figure would have. Also, Stink Bomb's body seems a bit more beefy and blocky, while other female, humanoid skylanders have a slimmer physique.
Once in my dreams, I rose and soared. No matter how I'm knocked around or beaten down, I will stand up restored.
Chill795 Green Sparx Gems: 486
#39 Posted: 13:47:34 28/04/2013
ill join hes my favorite skylander along with trigger happy wrecking ball and chill
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yelvy Yellow Sparx Gems: 1819
#40 Posted: 14:10:17 28/04/2013
please can i join?
Beep boop?
Ninpire Gold Sparx Gems: 2906
#41 Posted: 16:53:08 28/04/2013
hmmmm i guess it could go both ways
skylanderfan8 Green Sparx Gems: 242
#42 Posted: 18:19:12 28/04/2013
il join smilie
smilie Clear the air ! smilie >N<
sniper52 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1269
#43 Posted: 08:30:12 10/05/2013
Me join.
Ash Starkindle Gold Sparx Gems: 2567
#44 Posted: 23:33:38 12/05/2013
Count me in
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ZapNorris Emerald Sparx [online] Gems: 4121
#45 Posted: 01:47:43 14/06/2013 | Topic Creator
Quote: Metallo

Ass .

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