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Cupid flameslinger and willy and his wishing well. [CLOSED]
Graz73 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3203
#51 Posted: 21:10:28 12/02/2013
I spent nearly all of my accrued gems today trying to win that Cupid Flameslinger. No dice. smilie
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davesmsperfect Blue Sparx Gems: 930
#52 Posted: 14:42:55 13/02/2013
I've had the 35k coins 3x but no Flameslinger yet. I've managed so far not to spend any real money on the game but am tempted a bit for the new Eye Brawl house.
danno006 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1054
#53 Posted: 22:42:51 13/02/2013
Is the consensus that it will be easier to win Cupid flameslinger on Valentines's day??
berzerker Green Sparx Gems: 156
#54 Posted: 12:32:40 14/02/2013
So much for the theory..... I saved up 23 stones for today, and no Cupid FS. In fact, the highest coins I got was 1380 and energy was 805..... Waste of time.
GrandCannon Yellow Sparx Gems: 1049
#55 Posted: 13:33:21 14/02/2013
Agreed.....did the same with 24 stones just now and nothing. Then used 30 gems for three more tries: nothing.

So now I'm sitting on 2.7million coins and 125,000 energy at just about lvl 27 with all chracters maxed and nothing fun to do.

My only experience with these types of app games, but too bad you can't purchase gems with in-game coins, but I guess that's the deal with these. Oh well.....(pun intended).....
danno006 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1054
#56 Posted: 17:08:46 14/02/2013
Yeah I just went through 30 and no dice.
berzerker Green Sparx Gems: 156
#57 Posted: 17:57:13 14/02/2013
Figured maybe my son would have better luck when he woke up this morning...he had saved 24 stones and did a little better than I did (got gems 1 time), but he did not get Cupid FS either.
davesmsperfect Blue Sparx Gems: 930
#58 Posted: 20:51:26 14/02/2013
Just blew through about 9 stones & nada. I'm not liking this luck business because they make it near impossible to get them without spending money for gems.
ninjastarr Yellow Sparx Gems: 1759
#59 Posted: 21:33:18 14/02/2013
I finally won that ****er!! And on Valentine's Day too smilie
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Kesrael Gold Sparx Gems: 2507
#60 Posted: 03:01:56 15/02/2013
I just went through like, 22 wish stones and no dice. Then I spent gems to do it another 3 times and while I got the 35,000 gold again, still no Cupid. :-(
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berzerker Green Sparx Gems: 156
#61 Posted: 14:30:54 18/02/2013
Saved up 18 more gems, no Cupid FS.....
DarkBigDog Blue Sparx Gems: 785
#62 Posted: 19:10:21 20/02/2013
I have been lucky. First I got the $35,000. Later when the 4 cube tower was flashing red, I got the 100 gems. Today, I FINALLY got the Cupid Flameslinger. Now, I check the game every few hours and have been collecting stones quite a bit. I also threw in at least 100 gems worth as well. Maybe the # of times is a factor or its maybe total luck. I suggest keep trying given that there is still time until the end of the month. Good luck!
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Mabu Blue Sparx Gems: 678
#63 Posted: 00:44:56 21/02/2013
I won him and don't need gold or energy, so it makes sense to stockpile the stones for when the next special edition Skylander is released as the top prize, right?
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DarkJedi Blue Sparx Gems: 660
#64 Posted: 05:34:14 24/02/2013
I've been worrying all month over what to do if I didn't win him. I've used a TON of wish stones. I won the 35,000 coins 3 or 4 times, and the 100 gems once. I've used a few 10 gem tries but mostly I just used wish stones from the towers. I just kept hoping to get him so I wouldn't have to either be missing a character or spend that much money on him. I finally tonight decided to put 40-50 gems in and one him on the fourth try. I'm glad I did since I was down to 5 days left. The rest of the ones I get this month I'm saving for next months character.
arxmage Green Sparx Gems: 105
#65 Posted: 08:57:18 24/02/2013
Won Cupid Flameslinger at about 11am on Saturday with a wish stone. I've probably thrown in 70 wish stones over the month - won the 35000g 3 times, and 100 gems twice. I wonder if many others got Cupid yesterday/today in the final days.
Kesrael Gold Sparx Gems: 2507
#66 Posted: 14:02:41 24/02/2013
Still no luck for me.
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TheBakonBitz Yellow Sparx Gems: 1360
#67 Posted: 15:06:09 24/02/2013
I better start playing more, once a day isn't good enough I guess :S

EDIT: Today on the bus I finally got that little sucker! So you don't need wi-fi for him. While spinning the well the portal summoning screen appears and he spawns in like any other normal skylander. If you guys want pics just PM me or leave a comment on the tread. I'll be happy to answer questions.
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berzerker Green Sparx Gems: 156
#68 Posted: 22:38:22 28/02/2013
My son saved up 14 stones for this last day.... no dice.
I Saved up 23 gems for this last day.....and after 9 gems......finally!!!
My son was not quite as happy as I was.....sorry buddy.
Graz73 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3203
#69 Posted: 13:19:58 04/03/2013
I spent a LOT of stones, and a lot of gems to buy stones, but NO Cupid Flameslinger. How annoying, I probably should have spent those gems on something else for my islands!
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LaCrysta Yellow Sparx Gems: 1776
#70 Posted: 00:17:51 05/03/2013
I was collecting wishing stones from the towers, was getting at least three per day, and got Cupid with about 5 days to spare.
TheStealthElf Green Sparx Gems: 315
#71 Posted: 19:56:25 19/03/2013
Wanted to give an update, just won the "lucky" boomer. I play often, and it took around 60 stones total (25 a week ago and around 35 today). I tried the saving method with this special character and it worked! I "wished" as I went last time with around the same number of stones with no luck. But it definitely made my day! Good luck to the rest of you!
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