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Game crashes whenever Giants are used [CLOSED]
Diggeh Emerald Sparx Gems: 3108
#1 Posted: 20:57:21 26/01/2013 | Topic Creator
Recently I've been having problems with freezing on Cloud Patrol and Lost Islands using a first gen iPad.

I can get as far as screen one with any Giant before the game freezes. It's really bothersome that I can't use every character, especially with the Giants having "different gameplay". It takes a minute just to get past the two loading screens!

Any feedback would be nice.
darkrai848 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3096
#2 Posted: 21:17:23 26/01/2013
I have had frezing and lag problems with Cloud Patrol after they added the giants (this happen after the update that added the giants not after the update that addid activate it worked fine after the activate update but has mager lag and frezing after they added the giants) but I can still use them but i have some lag, tho it takes like 3 trys to get the game to load up each time.
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bobafett222red Green Sparx Gems: 491
#3 Posted: 00:25:32 10/02/2013
I have never had this problem
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SilverWolf1129 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1845
#4 Posted: 02:05:45 06/03/2013
Never had to worry bout that... I use smilie all the time...
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GamingMaster_76 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1271
#5 Posted: 18:45:42 06/03/2013
Cloud Patrol has always been very problematic on the first edition of iPad, in my personal experience. smilie
Star Dragon Platinum Sparx Gems: 5231
#6 Posted: 16:34:26 07/03/2013
Since they've added Activate the game has always been laggy for me and usually crashes, even when I'm not using a giant Skylander (I'm using a 4th gen iPod Touch). It's a shame because it was one of my favourite iPod games and I don't bother playing it anymore.
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darkrai848 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3096
#7 Posted: 23:49:42 07/03/2013
I cant even play it any more after the last update.
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