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Need to re-register figures? [CLOSED]
IAmMarti Yellow Sparx Gems: 1133
#1 Posted: 16:33:37 17/01/2013 | Topic Creator
I noticed this section of the forum hasn't been updated in a while, and I've not played Cloud Patrol in a while...

so I decided to catch up my registering my figures. So started with regular Pop Fizz, registered fine, gave a quick warning that it would be tied to my account, then on the skylander select screen I see the 'crown' to say I own it......but where are my other crowns? All my skylanders are unlocked...but no 'crown'

anyone else had experience like this? do you have to re-register them all?
darkrai848 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3096
#2 Posted: 18:36:47 17/01/2013
This happen after they went to an acount based system (only skylanders registerd after the acount system was added are saved in your account) if you want to register figuers that to your acount that you registerd before the acounts where added you will have to reregister them (if you dont you can only use them on that 1 i-divice cus they are only saved to that divice) after you register them to your account you can then use your skylanders on any i-divice that you link your activate account to.
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