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Favourite Upgrade Path: Jet-Vac

Bird Blaster Poll 41% (431)
Vac-packeteer Poll 37% (388)
Don't have him Poll 22% (225)
Favourite Upgrade Path: Jet-Vac
dark52 Spyro the Admin Gems: 8387
#1 Posted: 02:01:01 02/01/2013 | Topic Creator
Now a second of the new characters from Skylanders: Giants: "Jet-Vac".

Do you prefer to upgrade his Vac-Blaster or his Suction and Flight attacks?

You can check out Jet-Vac's upgrades list to remember which upgrades are from where.
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CommanderGame Gold Sparx Gems: 2504
#2 Posted: 02:07:25 02/01/2013
Ermahgerd, i can't believe i have the first comment!Don't have him.

Keep going!
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henryszuch Yellow Sparx Gems: 1738
#3 Posted: 02:11:29 02/01/2013
Vac-Packateer. 6th person to vote smilie 2nd person to post smilie
spyro and sonic Gold Sparx Gems: 2502
#4 Posted: 02:16:36 02/01/2013
My answer should be obvious....
Skyhunter Gold Sparx Gems: 2920
#5 Posted: 02:36:24 02/01/2013
Bird Blaster. I will admit, sucking enemies up is fun, but I think the air gun needs more effectiveness.
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AngelicBeast Emerald Sparx Gems: 4546
#6 Posted: 03:25:29 02/01/2013
Where's the "Haven't played Giants"? Oh well... Don't have him, not sure if getting Giants.
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wreckingballbob Gold Sparx Gems: 2863
#7 Posted: 11:45:13 02/01/2013
Vac-Packateer is better I think
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Star Dragon Emerald Sparx Gems: 3124
#8 Posted: 12:14:06 02/01/2013
I haven't upgraded my Jet Vac enough to pick an upgrade path. When I do I'm going to pick the Bird Blaster path.
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SamXala Gold Sparx Gems: 2398
#9 Posted: 15:04:19 02/01/2013
Quote: AngelicBeast

Where's the "Haven't played Giants"? Oh well... Don't have him, not sure if getting Giants.

^THIS >.<
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somePerson Gold Sparx Gems: 2307
#10 Posted: 16:08:26 02/01/2013
Bird Blaster. The shot becomes huge when you suck up an enemy.
azz01 Gold Sparx Gems: 2459
#11 Posted: 16:50:01 02/01/2013
Don't have him yet
skylandersbros Blue Sparx Gems: 812
#12 Posted: 17:05:01 02/01/2013
The vaccum path is the one i voted because he is the only skylander with it and it is very affective
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BOOM Yellow Sparx Gems: 1254
#13 Posted: 18:03:39 02/01/2013
vac path is awesome but i just got legendary jet vac so ima try both of the paths
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hardcoreignitor Yellow Sparx Gems: 1690
#14 Posted: 18:16:26 02/01/2013
I went with Bird Blaster cuz the jet pack is fine by its own
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Legodude56 Blue Sparx Gems: 710
#15 Posted: 18:23:04 02/01/2013
Vac Packeteer is the better path IMO.
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HIR Platinum Sparx Gems: 5872
#16 Posted: 18:55:13 02/01/2013
The lack of "I don't own Giants" option makes me sad. So of course I pick the third option. >___>
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ThroneOfMalefor Gold Sparx Gems: 2750
#17 Posted: 23:18:51 02/01/2013
Quote: HIR

The lack of "I don't own Giants" option makes me sad. So of course I pick the third option. >___>

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SpyroinDraenor Blue Sparx Gems: 771
#18 Posted: 13:03:52 03/01/2013
Don't have 'im, got da booster pack. Since I alredy ad cynderp and the PoP. If I adim tho Id choose Vac-packeteer + my cuz has Jet on Vac-pac and its EPIC
Mr-McChicken22 Blue Sparx Gems: 629
#19 Posted: 16:58:55 03/01/2013
Bird Blaster
zook it up Yellow Sparx Gems: 1532
#20 Posted: 17:04:10 03/01/2013
i have both paths [lc and regular] there both good but personly i like vac-packeteer
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spyrothe111 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3156
#21 Posted: 20:24:07 03/01/2013
iceblade2488 Blue Sparx Gems: 599
#22 Posted: 23:36:09 03/01/2013
bird blaster.
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PopFizzTM123 Blue Sparx Gems: 553
#23 Posted: 14:35:45 04/01/2013
Bird Blaster Best!
skylander kid13 Blue Sparx Gems: 762
#24 Posted: 21:58:53 04/01/2013
i dont have skylander giants so i dont have him
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njd123 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1524
#25 Posted: 02:16:43 05/01/2013
Don't have him yet.
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LegendaryFlames Yellow Sparx Gems: 1754
#26 Posted: 10:21:17 05/01/2013
I dont have him but I want him
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SilverWolf1129 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1782
#27 Posted: 18:08:36 05/01/2013
Well I'm back now. So stop by and say hi if you'd like. smilie
wreckingballbob Gold Sparx Gems: 2863
#28 Posted: 18:13:58 05/01/2013
4 users vote Vac-packeteer
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LightSpyro13 Blue Sparx Gems: 861
#29 Posted: 19:50:17 05/01/2013
Bird Blaster is much more fun, but overall really useless.

Bird Blaster is better for PvE

Vac-Packateer is better for PvP.
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Guye17 Red Sparx Gems: 98
#30 Posted: 10:30:35 07/01/2013
Go Vac Pac
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Ash Starkindle Gold Sparx Gems: 2093
#31 Posted: 16:16:53 13/01/2013
Vac Packeteer. :jetvac; is EPIC on this path!

smilie is THE BEST!
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StalkerSnake Yellow Sparx Gems: 1704
#32 Posted: 19:33:37 13/04/2013
Vac-packateer sure.
Flare-Tanager Green Sparx Gems: 292
#33 Posted: 14:34:00 21/04/2013
Sadly, Don't have him.
Dark fhoenix Yellow Sparx Gems: 1655
#34 Posted: 15:25:59 15/04/2015
I will try Bird Blaster on my LC . Lil brother already has an ormal one and he chose to suck .
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