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Upgrade Paths [CLOSED]
GangstaSoup Red Sparx Gems: 36
#1 Posted: 01:23:30 28/12/2012 | Topic Creator
Hey guys, im fairly new to this community and would like some help with upgrade paths. Im the kind of person who picks a good path, tries out the other one and never really figures which one is better.
(I would like help with all the skylanders if possible) smilie Thanks!
Hazard335 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1435
#2 Posted: 09:47:41 28/12/2012
it might help if you check out the sticky called Upgrade Path Recommendations....
perhaps you might even find upgrade path recommendations inside!
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GangstaSoup Red Sparx Gems: 36
#3 Posted: 14:53:03 29/12/2012 | Topic Creator
I have tried looking there and it dosnt suit my needs... All the skylanders it mentions are skylanders that i dont have or already have a path that im fairly happy with
fireofexile Blue Sparx Gems: 703
#4 Posted: 14:55:40 29/12/2012
You can post a question about a Skylander's upgrades there. It'd be torture to read through every single post.
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