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I'm done with Activate [CLOSED]
matthewgerber Blue Sparx Gems: 662
#1 Posted: 06:33:45 04/12/2012 | Topic Creator

Opened Cloud Patrol to add Hex because my son found her code card around the house. I had purchased her, and wanted to get the gems back. No problem!

But wait.

There's new Activate stuff going on on the load screen! Cool! Can't wait to see what's up. Oh! I have a badge on my Activate logo. Hey! Two new friend requests from Dark Spyro. Great! Approve. Approve.

Ok, now to put in Hex's code and gets me some gems back. Hunt, peck, shift, tap. What?!?

Adding Hex to the game by code locks her to my Activate account, so she can't be used by anyone else? Pffftt! Forget it!

I like Skylanders, but it's my son's game. I have lived with the limitation in Universe, and so hardly have any characters there. It was presented up front that characters were tied to the account, and I agreed by continuing to play.

But this is different.

On Cloud Patrol, we could use each code a few times, allowing everyone in the family to play on their own device using our (very expansive, very expensive) collection. But this changes the rules in the middle of the game.

Portal Master Blaze Brightsun @ Skylanders:Universe
Zing Blue Sparx Gems: 616
#2 Posted: 05:50:00 14/12/2012
I wasn't aware of this. Thanks for posting. I appreciate the cloud save support, so I can play on either my iPhone or iPad, but this could have been added using the native iCloud save capability.
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