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Can you use the Giants in this game? [CLOSED]
digiharrison Yellow Sparx Gems: 1523
#1 Posted: 20:18:52 03/12/2012 | Topic Creator
I think I remember Activision releasing an update that allowed you to use the Giants but I'm not quite sure. Can anyone confirm this?
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lushipur Blue Sparx Gems: 950
#2 Posted: 22:27:05 03/12/2012
Not yet. Same for wave 2.
GhostRoaster Yellow Sparx Gems: 1803
#3 Posted: 06:20:45 29/01/2013
Just to update everyone---you CAN use Giants in the game now. As the giants get released you should be able to use them all. At the time of this writing only Ninjini remains.
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Toleroh Yellow Sparx Gems: 1843
#4 Posted: 10:58:28 06/02/2013
Hothead is ginormous and shoots his own fire instead of the gun which he breaks upon sitting down in it
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