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Amazing Replay Value [CLOSED]
DinoHex Blue Sparx Gems: 735
#1 Posted: 22:54:22 25/11/2012 | Topic Creator
Admittedly Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure was a huge investment, but I ended up buying all of the figures, and it's funny how I'm STILL playing both the 3DS and Wii game and finding new ways to have fun. I only just discovered how awesome the Dragon's Peak level is in the 3DS game, and I also just discovered how awesome Lightning Rod and Sunburn are in the 3DS game. I've also been playing the original console game with my dad lately giving it even further life. I think it was a great idea having the characters play vastly differently between the two versions because it makes you want to try them all out on both games, and on the Wii game there are separate paths giving you more ways to enjoy the characters. You can spend a really long time with every character just figuring out how you like to play as them.

I haven't been playing Giants very much since it didn't really last as long, and there are only a handful of new characters to play around as. Also there's the issue that the 3DS game of Giants is horrible, which really hurts the replay value. Spyro's Adventure has held my interest for an entire year now, and I still have things I want to do in the game.

Are you still playing the original games? Or have you completely moved on to Giants? Personally I think I'll still be playing the original games for quite a while. It's just amazing how much replay value the game has if you buy a bunch of characters.
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Sivadreamer Gold Sparx Gems: 2821
#2 Posted: 01:10:20 26/11/2012
I find myself playing S:SA a lot still, still trying to have all 37 figures complete all 32 heroic challenges for starters. I've started bringing the s2 reposes into S:SA to have them also complete all the heroic challenges they can. I know it sounds highly repetitive, but you'd be amazed how some challenges with one character are easy and others insanely difficult (I'm looking at you GITD Sonic Boom s2 on Double Trouble's challenge).
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DinoHex Blue Sparx Gems: 735
#3 Posted: 02:38:50 26/11/2012 | Topic Creator
Double Trouble's challenge used to be a big pain for me until I was told to use the Anvil Rain item during it to basically 100% guaranteed beat it. smilie

Personally I've been playing the 3DS Spyro's Adventure the most. It's easily my favourite Skylanders game as pretty much all of the characters are fun on it, it has a much better flow than the console games, and is a lot more difficult and action packed. I also like the leveling and upgrade system a lot better in that game than the console ones. It makes leveling up a lot more satisfying since you actually gain something other than HP. I always felt leveling up in the console game was kind of unsatisfying.

It's such a shame that the 3DS version of Giants was so bad. smilie
smilie smilie and smilie: The three greatest Skylanders out of them all.
Nibelilt Ripto Gems: 401
#4 Posted: 06:08:14 26/11/2012
Still playing the 3DS version. Universe is still gonna be going strong for a long time. I haven't played SA on the Wii since Giants came out because I found that to be a massive improvement in too many areas to ignore... Sue me, polish is important for me to enjoy a game. smilie But the 3DS version of SA is still going strong using my S2s even though I can't get to 15 with them. And yes, it royally sucks the 3DS version is so bad this time, because otherwise I would probably play the console version even more than I do now, hahahah. It annoys me when people complain about the lack of length when in reality you can finish all the extras like Heroics or just play in general, and that hasn't bored me(even though it still doesn't add up to the overall cost of toys).
sniper52 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1283
#5 Posted: 14:07:22 26/11/2012
I played alot too! Now its old because I have been replaying for months now and it got boring. Now I am waiting for christmas to get Giants for wii u if we get one. If not, then I am getting the wii one.
Thumpterra12 Ripto Gems: 120
#6 Posted: 16:05:09 26/11/2012
i play giants, cause my ssa disc got scratched in the mail. i have to put it in and out 5 times, cleaning it after every time, to get it to work.
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