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Greetings! [STICKY]
somePerson Emerald Sparx Gems: 4283
#1801 Posted: 21:53:03 14/07/2017
Quote: King-Pen Krazy
Ok, so I just wanted to know

How do you put links in your signature

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there you go two month old post
Manue Ripto Gems: 0
#1802 Posted: 18:42:53 17/07/2017
Hello. Whats up everyone. I am a big fan of Spyro the Dragon. Nice to meet
AC-Buttercup Red Sparx Gems: 63
#1803 Posted: 04:25:29 22/08/2017
Hello! I recently joined the forums here, but I have come on a few times, the earliest I remember being before Skylanders was released. I am more of a fan of the "Original" Spyro, being the games before the Skylanders era. Not really into the Skylanders series, played the first game and that's pretty much it. I might not post often, whether it be forgetting that I am on here or I'm too busy varies. In any case, its nice to meet you all!
Mary I Green Sparx Gems: 355
#1804 Posted: 22:24:20 05/09/2017
Hmmmmmm Im Mary I, first Queen regent of England in my own right. I enjoy the Catholic faith, long walks, gambling, Spain and burning Herritics. I disslike my HALF-sister, her Mother and mean nicknames.
Truth is the daughter of time.
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gary Diamond Sparx Gems: 8012
#1805 Posted: 12:36:39 06/09/2017
Welcome to forum
"let go inside"Gary Sparkle said. (smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie are my collecting skylander)
DarkDraco Green Sparx Gems: 158
#1806 Posted: 13:42:20 09/09/2017

I'm new here and honestly despite being on the internet or years I've only JUST known about this place I'm glad it's still active! Spyro has left a huge impact in my life and helped me figure out my passion for art and getting creative. I'm a fan of all generations of Spyro, I hope to one day get a copy of Skylanders!
Mary I Green Sparx Gems: 355
#1807 Posted: 22:35:59 09/09/2017
Welcome my litle love
Truth is the daughter of time.
Luminous35 Gold Sparx Gems: 2246
#1808 Posted: 10:58:26 17/10/2017
Welcome everyone!
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LeonSteamhawk Green Sparx Gems: 400
#1809 Posted: 18:53:13 19/11/2017
Leon Steamhawk, reporting in! I've kinda lurked this forum for a bit without making an account, thought I'd actually make one. I admit I have little knowledge of the Spyro series and only just got into Skylanders, but after buying the Imaginators starter pack for Switch I'm hooked! In just a couple months I already have over 40 figures (at least one from each game except Superchargers atm), not even including chests and crystals! 'smilie I do remember seeing advertisements, commercials, and such for Spyro and Skylanders, but I never had the money or game systems for Skylanders as a kid and just somehow never played Spyro. :/

While Imaginators is the first game I've actually played, I did buy the 3ds starter pack for Giants (on clearance for just $5!) at one point intending to try it out. Never got around to it, and I've only loaded the game once to try out the crystal reset glitch/feature. smilie

If anyone's curious about my name, it (and my current profile pic) originated from a now-sadly-closed mmo I used to play called FusionFall. It had one of those systems where you had to put together a name from preset words. "Leon Steamhawk" has basically become a pseudonym for me, and I've used it on a bunch of other websites and games!
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Johnbonne Blue Sparx Gems: 660
#1810 Posted: 07:13:18 20/11/2017
Welcome LeonSteamHawk! I was notified you'd subscribed to my channel yesterday so I thought I recognised your avatar here! It's always good to see new members! And thanks for the sub, much appreciated!
emeraldzoroark Yellow Sparx Gems: 1838
#1811 Posted: 22:48:34 17/12/2017
I never actually introduced myself in here, but since it’s been 2 years since I first posted I’ll be less cringey, so... hi, I’m emeraldzoroark, I love puns and shoving them into everyone’s faces.
Now the true lesson begins!
Dragon96 Green Sparx Gems: 133
#1812 Posted: 19:13:56 12/01/2018
Hi. I'm new. I'm a Spyro fan since i was a child. Spyro 2 was my first ps1 game. I love other games too like Crash Bandicoot series or Medievil. I love all the Spyro games especially the insomniac trilogy for ps1. Nice to meet you.
gary Diamond Sparx Gems: 8012
#1813 Posted: 03:59:36 14/01/2018
Welcome to forums
"let go inside"Gary Sparkle said. (smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie are my collecting skylander)
Dragon96 Green Sparx Gems: 133
#1814 Posted: 10:16:59 14/01/2018
Thank you very much.
AlexBobSpoons Red Sparx Gems: 63
#1815 Posted: 11:24:13 17/05/2018
Hi there

Thanks for the accept.
Played a little Spyro's Adventure about 9 years ago and just been inspired to revisit the whole thing.

Using Wii version.
Have bought a ton of new skylanders to cover the first 4 games (essentially the wii ones) and really enjoyed this. Currently have a game running in Spyro's and Giants.

I have loads of other hobbies, one of which being model making/painting so at some point plan to do some repaints.
Other hobbies include, boardgames, jigsaws, archery, airguns, tabletop wargames, pc games, roleplaying games, cardgames, RC-cars, bowling, tv/films, sci-fi, Dr Who, retro computers, airsoft, reading, caravans, cooking ohhh the list goes on smilie
Am in UK, 42 years old/young (at 2018), single Dad and my little boy is my complete world. My wonderful boy has Autism so I am big on inclusion smilie

Joined here to chat about the games/figures and also as a place to ask questions. Enjoy mutual interest in Skylanders!

Hope that introduces me enough smilie thanks again for the accept
Bifrost Platinum Sparx Gems: 5830
#1816 Posted: 11:48:54 17/05/2018
Welcome! I think the Custom Figures thread is still open on Toys and Merchandise.
I do art!
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Tsutori Green Sparx Gems: 181
#1817 Posted: 16:52:41 04/06/2018
Hi everyone! I remember I had a Dark Spyro account waaaaaay back in the day when I was little, and then stopped using it for a long while. But now that Reignited is coming out, I'm super hyped and really want to talk about it with some fellow Spyro fans! Hope that's ok with you guys ; )
Bolt Emerald Sparx Gems: 4573
#1818 Posted: 20:07:12 05/06/2018
Heyy!! Welcome back, hope it hasn't changed too much since you left. Well, it probably has .. but hopefully it's changed in a good way lol.
I'm so glad to see people returning because of the remakes. ;;
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terrafin2299 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3040
#1819 Posted: 21:32:21 06/06/2018
So I'm trying to get back into dS but realized all of my old friends have left and I'm alone and it makes me sad
I'm actually not ok
Bolt Emerald Sparx Gems: 4573
#1820 Posted: 21:47:12 06/06/2018
You can make new friends?? ;~;
I'm sorry they all left ...
it's no use crying over lost kittens or spilt milk
I draw stuff.
terrafin2299 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3040
#1821 Posted: 02:02:28 07/06/2018
Yeah that's gotten pretty difficult as of late
I'm actually not ok
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