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That flying glitch. [CLOSED]
ObsidianBlaze Green Sparx Gems: 198
#1 Posted: 21:45:31 15/11/2012 | Topic Creator
We all know the glitch where you swim in the sky and it looks like you're flying. But I've only done it once and that was by pure accident. I've looked up videos and guides about how to do the glitch, but none of them actually worked. So I would appreciate it if someone could tell me straight up how to do it, thank you much.
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PaulaG Green Sparx Gems: 252
#2 Posted: 22:14:28 16/11/2012
i've read that their is a egg in that glith
Eevee88 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3433
#3 Posted: 02:45:17 03/04/2013
are you talking about swimming in air glich?
if you are then there is on the botem of this topic
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