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Codes. [CLOSED]
SilverWolf1129 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1845
#1 Posted: 00:18:34 15/11/2012 | Topic Creator
How come when I use the codes out of the game (I lost the little cards) it says "Not enough digits. Try again."???!!!
It begins with them. But ends, with me. Their son. Vaxus.
Zing Blue Sparx Gems: 616
#2 Posted: 05:52:34 14/12/2012
The codes provided by the games are not the same as the codes on the cards. Only the card codes work.
TheBakonBitz Yellow Sparx Gems: 1360
#3 Posted: 23:06:26 15/12/2012
You have to set up the portal software on the computer. Then once on universe plug in the portal and put your skylanders on. Then once registered click on each skylanders info and write down the code. Then you can enter them wherever.
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