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New update today [CLOSED]
Nibelilt Ripto Gems: 401
#1 Posted: 19:40:03 08/11/2012 | Topic Creator
Basically, you can play as the new characters. Nothing else major though it seems.
IAmMarti Yellow Sparx Gems: 1133
#2 Posted: 20:38:25 08/11/2012
I can see normal pop fizz listed but no punch pop fizz, havent put in the code yet. If I remember correctly they add the skylanders as they are released. Also no listing for legendary variants or series 2.

No giants yet.
TheBakonBitz Yellow Sparx Gems: 1360
#3 Posted: 22:24:50 08/11/2012
I only saw Jet-Vac, Pop Fizz and Royal Double Trouble added, none of the others were added D:
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