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Will S2 have both upgrade paths? [CLOSED]
Eruptor777 Green Sparx Gems: 132
#1 Posted: 22:47:33 16/10/2012 | Topic Creator
I've been wondering if Series 2 will be able to upgrade both paths, the A attack, and the B attack (On the Wii version). Because My Eruptor is fully upgraded on his A attack, but I couldn't choose B, so will I be able to in Giants?
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zook it up Yellow Sparx Gems: 1232
#2 Posted: 22:48:09 16/10/2012
s2 have the option to change between upgrade paths they do not have both
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riverhippo Blue Sparx Gems: 939
#3 Posted: 23:02:55 16/10/2012
yes, they cant have both at the same time because some characters actually have move conflicts that would make it impossible to do most upgrade paths.
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Dragonaut Yellow Sparx Gems: 1223
#4 Posted: 08:54:43 30/10/2012
So the series 2 skylanders can switch upgrade paths but the series 1 skylanders like Sunburn, Dino-Rang, Voodood, Camo, Warnado, Ghost Roaster, Wham Shell and Bommer can switch upgrade paths?
MakitaJay Green Sparx Gems: 417
#5 Posted: 22:24:07 30/10/2012
When you switch pathes and go back you will still have all the upgrades in that path.
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Earth-Dragon Blue Sparx Gems: 744
#6 Posted: 22:45:55 30/10/2012
No series one figure can switch paths at the fairy. Even if they have a remake, the originals and the Lightcores are locked in.
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