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Question about deactivating a Skylander [CLOSED]
Twinklestars Red Sparx Gems: 28
#1 Posted: 13:49:02 01/10/2012 | Topic Creator
Hi! (I'm new!) smilie I have a great question to ask. If you deactivate a Skylander, can you ever get her/him back. Or do you have to re activate it on let's say the 3DS (only version I have on the console so far, getting Wii soon!)? Also if you deactivate let's say Stealth Elf on the Universe, do those particular plants that she eats stop appearing? I'm asking cause I want to put the plants that appear on a miniumum so I can get my certain Skylanders leveled up faster. Thank you for any help!
Nibelilt Ripto Gems: 401
#2 Posted: 13:55:06 01/10/2012
If you deactivate them you can still reuse them onto another account, or the same one, but I think they lose their Hero Levels. It doesn't affect the main game at all.
nitendofan92 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3909
#3 Posted: 15:18:06 01/10/2012
Twinklestars Red Sparx Gems: 28
#4 Posted: 18:34:15 02/10/2012 | Topic Creator
Thanks for the help!
Toleroh Yellow Sparx Gems: 1823
#5 Posted: 19:51:11 02/10/2012
Plant growth is based on what Skylanders you own, for sure, but if they stop growing that is a great question. No way I am deactivating a whole element to do that, especially since eating plants for exp is worthless now, but it's still an interesting question.
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