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Favourite Upgrade Path: Zook

Artilleryman Poll 45% (285)
Floral Defender Poll 28% (178)
Don't have him Poll 27% (171)
Favourite Upgrade Path: Zook
dark52 Spyro the Admin Gems: 8579
#1 Posted: 00:14:12 03/09/2012 | Topic Creator
Which path do you favour for Zook?

Do you prefer to upgrade his Bazooka or his Barrier and Cactus abilities?

You can check out Zook's upgrades list to remember which upgrades are from where.
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spyro and sonic Gold Sparx Gems: 2672
#2 Posted: 00:18:26 03/09/2012
I dun hav him.

Yay! First post!
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Esunmar Green Sparx Gems: 452
#3 Posted: 00:21:42 03/09/2012
Have yet to try his Bazooka path, but Floral Defender dominates.
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LevanJess Gold Sparx Gems: 2963
#4 Posted: 00:30:20 03/09/2012
Floral Defender.
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njd123 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1535
#5 Posted: 00:56:50 03/09/2012
I can't think of a signature.
Ignitor101 Blue Sparx Gems: 719
#6 Posted: 01:08:00 03/09/2012
Why does the primary option always win?...
Nibelilt Ripto Gems: 401
#7 Posted: 04:26:54 03/09/2012
Floral Defender, no questions asked.
hectapuss72 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1592
#8 Posted: 07:14:55 03/09/2012
dont have him
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Ice Dragoness Emerald Sparx Gems: 4947
#9 Posted: 08:15:22 03/09/2012
I don't have him.
TheSpyrofan12 Gold Sparx Gems: 2531
#10 Posted: 09:22:53 03/09/2012
Floral Defender
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Legodude56 Blue Sparx Gems: 710
#11 Posted: 11:00:58 03/09/2012
I have tried both paths and Floral Defender really is the better path
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Madhouse1 Green Sparx Gems: 403
#12 Posted: 11:23:32 03/09/2012
Floral defender
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henryszuch Yellow Sparx Gems: 1922
#13 Posted: 13:36:53 03/09/2012
Floral Defender. It looks like Artilleryman is winning but more people that have posted chose floral. Also by accident i chose artilleryman whoops.
ZapNorris Gnorc Gems: 2917
#14 Posted: 15:17:44 03/09/2012
Floral Defender.
zook it up Yellow Sparx Gems: 1532
#15 Posted: 15:48:18 03/09/2012
i think both are good!
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skylandsmaster Green Sparx Gems: 436
#16 Posted: 17:30:34 03/09/2012
FD FTW! i've said FTW a lot lately
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cocoandlola Yellow Sparx Gems: 1110
#17 Posted: 12:41:13 04/09/2012
the primary upgrade does not always win ignitor 101

And obviously artillery man
bashrocks Blue Sparx Gems: 617
#18 Posted: 02:15:20 05/09/2012
Floral Defender is obviously better.
Darkenfell Green Sparx Gems: 180
#19 Posted: 07:07:20 05/09/2012
Nah, i got Camo insteadsmilie[User Posted Image] what's ur fav Skylander?
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Darkenfell Green Sparx Gems: 180
#20 Posted: 08:26:24 05/09/2012
Why hate that opinion, it can make some sad, r u in 'charge?'
miniquiny999 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3359
#21 Posted: 15:05:34 05/09/2012
Although I prefer Floral Defender, I don't put down others for not agreeing. And Darkenfell, Try not to double post.
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skylander kid13 Blue Sparx Gems: 762
#22 Posted: 22:51:36 07/09/2012
money makes the world go round, i wish i had some though
Ice Dragoness Emerald Sparx Gems: 4947
#23 Posted: 14:40:50 08/09/2012
I don't have him.
thumpbackfan26 Green Sparx Gems: 301
#24 Posted: 13:20:57 09/09/2012
i actually beat wham shell in arena rumble with floral defender
thumpbackdude Yellow Sparx Gems: 1183
#25 Posted: 20:13:57 06/11/2012
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Ash Starkindle Gold Sparx Gems: 2173
#26 Posted: 17:24:22 13/01/2013
smilie Floral defender path is better.That's my opinion, but Artilleryman is okay
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