Which was your favourite Year of the Dragon homeworld?
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Last movie you watched.
King-Pen Krazy Yellow Sparx Gems: 1614
#1801 Posted: 21:12:39 05/10/2018
Solo: A Star Wars Story

Damn that was good, and I kinda expected it to, I don't have the time to write out a full review for it, but it's one of the best star wars movies I've seen

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IsisStormDragon Platinum Sparx Gems: 6866
#1802 Posted: 01:17:35 08/10/2018
Black Panther for a second time (finally). Love it.
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pankakesparx456 Platinum Sparx Gems: 6272
#1803 Posted: 23:16:52 11/10/2018
Crazy Rich Asians- Up there with one of my favorites of 2018. It's just so well written, the characters are fun, the acting is charismatic, everything about it is just great.
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semp123 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1807
#1804 Posted: 20:29:35 14/10/2018
Saw Werner Herzog's Nosferatu about a week ago.
Might not do it for people who aren't a fan of slow pacing, but I really enjoyed the foreboding atmosphere it sets up.
Queen_Cynder Yellow Sparx Gems: 1403
#1805 Posted: 05:09:28 15/10/2018
I just watched Re-Animator for the first time with my friend! It'd been on my to-watch list for forever but I hadn't ever gotten to it. It was awesome, I looooved it. Super super fun 80s horror.

I also have just watched the first two movies in the Hostel series, which I enjoyed a lot too. I'm surprised by how negative of a reputation they have, in terms of horror they actually were pretty tame compared to a lot of other series I can think of, and they were clearly meant to be fun and silly and entertaining. But then again, I have an obvious bias, I love horror and I seek out the more shocking bloody stuff since it's the most fun and entertaining for me, so I guess I'm not one to judge. Still, Eli Roth's work is always really fun and stupid (Cabin Fever, anyone?), so I went in worried based on the reviews that Hostel would be kinda tryhard edge and instead it was just a fun time for me lol. I watch horror for fun, not for fear, so my highest rated horror films tend to be the sillier "cheesier" stuff. :3
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