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Figures not registering with my owned figures in collections part of game [CLOSED]
wem Red Sparx Gems: 72
#1 Posted: 21:20:56 27/03/2012 | Topic Creator
I have a couple of SKYLANDERS that are not registering on my list of figures under collections. Anyone know why this would be? Double trouble and drill Sargent won't show up, even though I have used them in the game for a ling time. Would resetting them do it? I'd hate to do that though since we've leveled them up and spend a bunch of jewels on them for more power.

bisylizzie Emerald Sparx Gems: 3564
#2 Posted: 21:23:58 27/03/2012
Does trying to reset ownership work?

I have to say, I've never had this problem :/
Tigorus Emerald Sparx Gems: 3563
#3 Posted: 21:23:59 27/03/2012
Someone could have used them on a sample portal or they might have purchased it and brought it back. Either way just change ownership to your system and problem solved. You don't need to reset it to change ownership.
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ItsJustMe Yellow Sparx Gems: 1273
#4 Posted: 21:38:36 27/03/2012
Changing ownership should solve your problem. It will let you keep all the money and experience currently on your characters. I had a similar issue when I bought Chop Chop, Eruptor and Bash. I got them right after Christmas as an associate was putting them back on the shelf as a return. They were the only option of new figures I had so I bought them. Took them home and discovered they were already partially leveled up. Not sure why people return skylanders they have played with but they do.
jennacat4 Gold Sparx Gems: 2317
#5 Posted: 21:46:50 27/03/2012
click on the thing were yor skylanders get on hats and click ownership
Madel Blue Sparx Gems: 584
#6 Posted: 23:09:37 27/03/2012
Like everyone else is suggesting, change ownership.

If that doesn't work, contact Activision Customer Support. I've found they're very helpful. smilie
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wem Red Sparx Gems: 72
#7 Posted: 00:47:38 28/03/2012 | Topic Creator
Thank you all for the suggestions. I'll give it a shot!

Edit: that worked! Thanks!
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Zing Blue Sparx Gems: 616
#8 Posted: 12:51:15 28/03/2012
Characters only automatically register on the first save game they are used. If you use them on another save, you have to change ownership.

I find it odd that this doesn't re-register ownership on the old save, so you can effectively "own" the same figure on as many save games and consoles as you wish.
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