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Sign if you want "3D" dropped from the title [CLOSED]
Axel Yellow Sparx Gems: 1975
#51 Posted: 21:12:05 04/07/2008

OK, I signed....
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alexis1213 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1595
#52 Posted: 17:00:11 06/07/2008
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Cynder_543 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1277
#53 Posted: 11:49:55 07/07/2008
Me + Cynder = Cynder Girl

I singed yet again!!! smilie Sorry if you think I am coppering you! I just felt like doing it.
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spyro luver Blue Sparx Gems: 557
#54 Posted: 13:55:50 07/07/2008
i think they should take the 3Dtaken off unless they have the 3D glasses or something
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Axel Yellow Sparx Gems: 1975
#55 Posted: 14:58:39 07/07/2008
Quote: spyro luver
i think they should take the 3Dtaken off unless they have the 3D glasses or something

I dun like 3D glasses, they're annoying.....
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Cynder_543 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1277
#56 Posted: 03:45:06 08/07/2008
I don't really like them ether! They make my ears hurt! But there cool because you see nothing but red and blue!
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Ratchet Blue Sparx Gems: 662
#57 Posted: 09:43:20 10/07/2008
Cynder 1500 Blue Sparx Gems: 819
#58 Posted: 05:19:11 12/07/2008
I have no 3d theaters aronund here sooo... Cynder1500/ CrystalWldfyr Those are my two internet names.
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spyroking16 Blue Sparx Gems: 776
#59 Posted: 13:56:47 12/07/2008
I don't really don't like 3-D either I like normal movies better.
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cindia Yellow Sparx Gems: 1251
#60 Posted: 01:53:07 15/07/2008

i hate 3D
Nalemor Ripto Gems: 789
#61 Posted: 02:55:57 16/07/2008

I agree with RenenSpyro, a 3D fury attack would be epic!
Cynder16 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1857
#62 Posted: 01:39:41 17/07/2008
*signs* 3D in a title isnt as good w/o it in the title.
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jimmy dragon Ripto Gems: 841
#63 Posted: 10:01:31 17/07/2008
signs it should be spyro the film.
Axel Yellow Sparx Gems: 1975
#64 Posted: 22:13:22 17/07/2008
NO 3D!
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Cloudtail4ever Yellow Sparx Gems: 1818
#65 Posted: 06:08:07 01/08/2008
*Signs* Like I've said before, I really think that 3D ruins a movie
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black dragon Ripto Gems: 2470
#66 Posted: 09:30:06 09/08/2008
*signs agin*
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Ice Fire Gold Sparx Gems: 2790
#67 Posted: 20:21:50 09/08/2008
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Spyla Blue Sparx Gems: 535
#68 Posted: 01:17:00 10/08/2008
*sign* 3D hurts my eyes and gives me a headache
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dancinkayley Blue Sparx Gems: 616
#69 Posted: 01:21:05 17/08/2008

I dunno how I'm going to watch anything in 3D especially since I'm probably going to have to wear glasses to see it properly. So I'd either have to wear my normal glasses over 3D glasses or vice versa. Which would make me look perfectly idiotic.
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Invader Zarra Blue Sparx Gems: 880
#70 Posted: 08:26:43 17/08/2008
Invader Zarra

Ok I signed because The 3D makes the movies more cr*ppy That's what they did with Spy Kids 3
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spyro_madgirl Green Sparx Gems: 481
#71 Posted: 22:54:09 17/08/2008

I sign. 3D movies are always... really odd.
SPYRO RULES Yellow Sparx Gems: 1805
#72 Posted: 01:31:43 05/09/2008
*signs* i don't like that title
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DARK CINDER Ripto Gems: 1062
#73 Posted: 14:54:27 07/09/2008
*signs* its ugly and ruins it
Cynder28 Gold Sparx Gems: 2731
#74 Posted: 12:44:54 14/09/2008
*signs* It doesn't mean that the movie is 3D it must be 3D in a title.
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dingodile555 Gold Sparx Gems: 2655
#75 Posted: 21:41:10 01/10/2008
Definitely. "The Legend of Spyro: The Movie" could cut it perfectly. Nice and simple, but it would work. Most animated movies today are in 3D, and so are the Legend of Spyro games so what's so big about "3D" that it has to be in the title?

I agree. I hope they change it.
SpyroGirlCazy Emerald Sparx Gems: 4295
#76 Posted: 12:16:06 04/10/2008
do we have to ware the silly glassis if its 3D (cant spell)
Cynder_fan Gold Sparx Gems: 2683
#77 Posted: 11:30:29 25/10/2008
Signs while saying this

The 3d at the should come out, but i like the idea of being in 3d. Yeah someone should send a link to this site to siera.
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dragonlover Yellow Sparx Gems: 1122
#78 Posted: 05:50:20 26/10/2008
signed, sounds ugly with it in
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Moon_of_Avalar Red Sparx Gems: 64
#79 Posted: 15:29:26 27/10/2008
Moon of Avalar
No 3D in the title and no 3D movie, please! For then it wouldn't be as great.
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Cynder_fan Gold Sparx Gems: 2683
#80 Posted: 18:54:36 27/10/2008
well it going to be the same story, but not flat on a screen
Local technician who comes up with rediculous ideas
Cynder09 Diamond Sparx Gems: 7813
#81 Posted: 23:25:55 03/11/2008
3d sounds bad in the title!
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Carnage Yellow Sparx Gems: 1560
#82 Posted: 20:29:21 16/11/2008
Rarity is teh best pony! smilie
Volteer Blue Sparx Gems: 566
#83 Posted: 22:22:22 18/11/2008
*signs* 3D being in the name sounds like a kids movie and i think they better make it for all ages. and the 3D being in the name makes it sounds just dumb. lol
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Fireblader70 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1067
#84 Posted: 19:20:25 24/11/2008
*signs halfway, stops, signs completely* I hate that damn 3D bit!!
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BeautifulCynder Blue Sparx Gems: 883
#85 Posted: 11:49:59 06/01/2009

I don't want to wear 3D-glasses. smilie
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crashpro Gold Sparx Gems: 2027
#86 Posted: 23:44:15 11/01/2009
When we get 5D, people will be able to feel the pain of the character... hm... fire... ice... electricity... earth.......... oh God... that's gonna hurt... we'll also be able to smell I think.
spyro super fan Emerald Sparx Gems: 3096
#87 Posted: 16:41:59 12/01/2009

(i hope they cut the pain part if 5d is coming)
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wanderist Platinum Sparx Gems: 6856
#88 Posted: 09:14:24 02/02/2009
*signs* I cant wait for the movie. But 3D really shouldn't be there.
supermalefor Green Sparx Gems: 148
#89 Posted: 22:47:52 02/02/2009
Quote: wanderist
*signs* I cant wait for the movie. But 3D really shouldn't be there.

Count me in too. *signs*
Jackson117 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3875
#90 Posted: 09:01:39 03/02/2009
old Spyro fan Blue Sparx Gems: 557
#91 Posted: 22:02:14 03/02/2009
Elijah Wood is going to be the voice of spyro for the movie! its on the wikipedia if you serch for Elijah Wood it sees that it is in pre-produktion.
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Spyros_fan Yellow Sparx Gems: 1028
#92 Posted: 00:52:05 10/02/2009
Yea, 3D is okay, but think about this: in almost allllll the 3D movies I've seen, they try to 'jump out' every 5 seconds and thats (pardon my language) gay. I mean, why even bother! I hope they have optional. (though everynow and then it might be cool!)

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BlackDragonAJ89 Green Sparx Gems: 480
#93 Posted: 04:50:46 10/02/2009

Let's stop with the visuals and work on the sounds and music. Why have all these goopy graphics flying out when we could have Orchestral bombing! Or the mega bass! Or how about the elevator from Ipenema! (Oh wait, this is a fantasy movie, that would make absolutely zero sense)
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cynder21 Gold Sparx Gems: 2203
#94 Posted: 00:24:01 11/02/2009
*sighs* have nothing else to sigh
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C1nder Diamond Sparx Gems: 7600
#95 Posted: 02:16:06 06/06/2009
I couldn't care less what it comes out in, I just care that they made a Spyro moviesmiliesmiliesmilie Ok I do care a bit...

Positive: It would be so cool to see him do fury in 3D!
Negative: But even when the movie starts you still see everything in blue and red! How will you see the other colours?
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Elazar Blue Sparx Gems: 536
#96 Posted: 02:29:42 08/06/2009
Actually, I'm not sure if you've noticed this or not, but I've been to the movies 3 times in the past week, and I've seen about 5 or 6 different movies that are supposed to come out in 3-D this year. It's the idea for the movies right now.

*signs* I'll sign it though just for the simple fact that I've never watched a 3d movie in 3d, so it doesn't really matter to me.
XenoSpyro Ripto Gems: 246
#97 Posted: 10:12:24 08/06/2009
I would say I don't want "3D" being in the name being it makes the whole title a little bit corny....but as long as the Movie is good, I dont care.

If I had the choice to name it, I'd just leave it at "The Legend Of Spyro"
Cyda luva8 Red Sparx Gems: 35
#98 Posted: 02:54:46 13/06/2009
*signs* but as long as 3D isn't dropped from the movie
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DARK CINDER Ripto Gems: 1062
#99 Posted: 08:52:20 13/06/2009
i dont just want 3d dropped i want the film droped
darkfurydragon Emerald Sparx Gems: 3312
#100 Posted: 19:56:31 13/06/2009
It probably WILL be a poor hit at the box office...

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