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WORST skylander? [CLOSED]
SkylanderMan Red Sparx Gems: 10
#101 Posted: 18:37:09 19/05/2012
Yay! I just got the final skylander! Legendary Trigger Happy!

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hexthebeast45 Green Sparx Gems: 417
#102 Posted: 19:29:20 19/05/2012
Quote: Cheeseman

Quote: hexthebeast45

Quote: quanzy9224

sonic boom and hex, sonicboom- just terrible does no damage and the babies are a waste of an attack
Hex- her only good attack is defensively so no matter what i die with her as level10

rlly why hex? for me hex is the best. she has got great defense in the game which includes her bones and skull shield. plus her attacks are rlly strong. her skull rain is basically a 2 in 1 attack because as u are conjuring it up it will constantly take 15 damage and then when u release it it will take 35 damage. plus her primary attack is powerful with the amount of times she can shoot it (1 after the other constantly) plus in pvp she is in top 3 for me

Hex is ok in my opinion, but is horribly outclassed by Zook. I understand though that it takes some skill to use her, which I may not have.

My worst is probably Golden Frenzy Trigger Happy. You'd think he was strong, but no. He has too low an HP, and Golden Money Bags does so much more damage.

for me i dont rlly see anything tht special in zook. yh ppl say tht his 'plant shield' is better than hex's bone wall (and i understand ause it their opinion) but in my opinion it rlly isnt tht special, now if you were on the floral path for him then yeah his plant shield might be a bit better. but hex in pvp has beaten zook extremely easily cause of type advantage and also her skulls arent blocked by the plant shield.
Yh golden frnezy trigger happy hardly has hardly any chance in pvp unless u have tht rare moment where you charge your guns up fully and take your opponents health down by aout 360 but even so he doesnt stnad much chance if they attack at him quickly no matter if it be a close range or far range attack.
For me the worst is between bash and boomer. cant rlly win much in pvp with boomer cause his dynamite throwing is lobbed and doesnt touch opponents when u run after them plus his HP is rlly low. and bash, i dunno, maybe its just me not using him well but i dont like his primary attack cause opponents get away too quickly for me to touch them with it. i use his rolling ability mostly.
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Swag Yellow Sparx Gems: 1393
#103 Posted: 19:55:14 19/05/2012
You guys are buggin wrecking ball is one of the best with his ball upgrade path
I'm Childish
azz01 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1899
#104 Posted: 15:29:55 20/05/2012
There is no such thing as a worst skylanders because all of them are awesome and powerful in there own way
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Cazz 5ever <3
hexthebeast45 Green Sparx Gems: 417
#105 Posted: 15:33:10 20/05/2012
^ exactly. i agree