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Upgrade Paths Recommendation Thread [STICKY]
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#1901 Posted: 03:19:31 22/01/2015
For Story, just for SA, based on how enjoyable I think they are overall and not power alone. I'd be happy to elaborate on my choices, if anyone's curious. Wii version, by the way.

smilie Tempest Dragon
smilie Eye of The Storm
smilie Siren Griffin
smilie Typhoon Titan

smilie Vine Virtuoso
smilie Nut Crafter
smilie Floral Defender
smilie Forest Ninja

smilie Bone Crafter
smilie Nether Welder
smilie Vampiric Warrior
smilie Fear Eater

smilie Pulver Dragon
smilie Earthen Avenger
smilie Crystaleer
smilie Sandhog

smilie Soul of The Flame
smilie Flame Lord
smilie Pyromancer
smilie Volcanor

smilie Glacier Yeti
smilie Tesla Dragon
smilie Captain Crustacean
smilie Water Weaver

smilie Sheep Burner Spyro
smilie Conjuror
smilie Ultimate Spinner
smilie Marauder

smilie Clobber Troll
smilie BattleDozer
smilie Clockwork Dragon
smilie Golden Money Bags
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#1902 Posted: 08:01:50 14/08/2017
I wanted these articulated figures so bad back in the days...I still do.
Dark Spyro
Sprocket https://jin-saotome.deviantart...igure-336442672
Double Trouble has a nice body here lol https://jin-saotome.deviantart...ouble-286474844
Ninjini https://jin-saotome.deviantart...igure-363145729
Bouncer https://jin-saotome.deviantart...uncer-335047845

I wish that the paint jobs on the original figures were this good
Drawdler Emerald Sparx Gems: 3009
#1903 Posted: 22:54:28 09/09/2017
^I have no idea why you posted that here, but I have that Sprocket, lol

Edit: anyone who takes the time to check this thread may enjoy some of my gameplay
I'll get to all of them over time, but, like, nnnnnnnnnnn

Chop Chop is one where both paths are of similar quality imo but Vampiric Warrior is definitely the normie choice and more accessible and strong and such, doesn't make it better though, I honestly enjoy Defender more

Pretty lame that the notion "OP path = best path" persisted for every single game over the merit of really unique and interesting and challenging-to-use ones like Undead Defender
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