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Character Model Numbers [CLOSED]
scottehx Emerald Sparx Gems: 4133
#1 Posted: 23:43:50 22/10/2011 | Topic Creator
Read somewhere that the characters/extra item are region locked.

Can someone confirm this?

These are the model numbers of the items I've bought in the UK.

84154790 3DS Portal Of Power
83993888 Pirate Seas
83988888 Hidden Treasure
83975888 Ghost Swords
84184888 Terrafin
84002888 Darklight Crypt
83983888 Healing Elixer
83979888 Time Twister
83981888 Ghost Roaster
84197888 Dark Spyro
83980888 Stealth Elf
84181888 Ignitor
84176888 Drill Sergeant
84187888 Whirlwind
84183888 Zap
0000459 Volcanic Vault

Do these match the model numbers in the rest of the world?
spyroid101 Gold Sparx Gems: 2213
#2 Posted: 01:10:06 23/10/2011
Well, I live in the USA, and my Zap, Whirlwind and Volcanic Vault figures all have those same numbers, don't know about the others, though, since I don't have them, but I'd assume they'd be the same as well.
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riverhippo Yellow Sparx Gems: 1005
#3 Posted: 08:44:23 23/10/2011
Yeah, they are all the same.
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