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Just a reminder ...
Bolt Platinum Sparx Gems: 5505
#1 Posted: 20:40:35 15/07/2019 | Topic Creator
Please stay safe on the internet.
Something horrible recently happened to a girl because a guy stalked her online after only speaking to her for a week. He knew her on Discord, and used her instagram story to track her down in real life to a concert she was attending ... and brutally murdered her.
Twitter thread.

Just wanted to put a reminder out there because I feel like we often think "yeah, I have a good judge of character, I'd never speak to anyone like that". But you never know. Please be careful. And just because a lot of us are adults now doesn't decrease the risk of this happening. This girl was 18.
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parisruelz12 Hunter Gems: 7176
#2 Posted: 21:23:23 15/07/2019
just..please...everyone be safe. if you really want to give people from the internet your phone number and any other personal information, make sure you really really know them.
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DragonCamo Platinum Sparx Gems: 5701
#3 Posted: 01:36:08 16/07/2019
Honestly this whole story is terrible
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Spyroboy Diamond Sparx Gems: 8914
#4 Posted: 09:14:20 25/07/2019
There are a lot of messed up people out there, that's why unless you know people in person or have at least been friends online for a very long time, it's best to not give out any social media accounts with personal information on it.
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Doggo144 Green Sparx Gems: 326
#5 Posted: 13:00:37 25/07/2019
I heard about this yeah, its horrible. The worst part is that people don't seem to care. Me and my freinds go on 4chan every now and again, and they share pictures of the incident and all that, its disgusting. Stay safe out there yeah.
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