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The Second Honeymoon - Chapter 1
Big Green Platinum Sparx Gems: 5134
#1 Posted: 00:10:12 03/07/2019 | Topic Creator
If you haven't been following me for a while, please note that this is a story about my OC Laura Roundshorts and Spongebob of the future. Some things to know about them before you read is that in this AU, Spongebob and Laura are aged up further than the real life show is and the character is more mature in nature rather than childish ever since he got married, 20 years ago, and has continued to mature ever since. He is friends with Squidward and his wife Squilvia, and Squidward's kids: Squidney, Squidworth, Squidley and Squidlen. Patrick is now King Patrick Neptune Star, married to Mindy and has one daughter named Penelope. Spongebob and Laura currently have 3 children, Thomas, Lola, and Spongebob II - or Charlie as he calls himself (so he doesn't get confused on who is talking to who in the family). Make note that sometimes Laura will call Spongebob "Robert" as that is his actual name and usually only lets her call him that since that is her form of endearment to him, and will call him Spongebob if he's in trouble.

Savage, the demon in Spongebob's head is also present in this story, and has been living with the family for a little while now, even being treated like he's also Laura's husband since he's part of him. (think of them like Venom and Eddie Brock) Although Savage has been reformed in this present time, it doesn't stop him from being cruel or selfish, especially when it comes to Laura... He doesn't like sharing. Also when I mention a character's "Plumes" it refers to the blonde sponge "hair" protruding from their head.( LXSB age reference use this in 'prime' form to get a better idea of their look, Sponge family this for the Sponge fam, HOT TOPIC SHIRTS and this one for Savage, but take the shirt off (he doesn't usually fit in shirts) ) But anyway, on to the story and I hope you like it even if you may have no idea what's going on...
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#2 Posted: 00:11:05 03/07/2019 | Topic Creator
The bright morning rolled overhead Bikini Bottom, shining the first rays of brilliant light upon the Pineapple home on 124 Conch street. The interior of the house was lingering with excitement, even for being early in the day, as the kitchen was filled with jovial chatter and happy bursts of giggling.

Spongebob stepped out into the hallway with his wife, Laura, in tow, as they keep their voices low after walking out. He turned to gesture silence with a smile spread on his face, and they crept up the stairs towards the messy bedroom of their first born, Thomas, who was snoring as loud as a Sea Lion and had no clue what he was in for this morning. Spongebob held back a giggle in his throat when he slowly approached Thomas's Bedside and looked towards Laura, as she nodded in his direction. With that, the man of the house let out a boisterous yell, two feet away from Thomas's head, "Oh Neptune, It's time!!!"

Thomas swiftly burst from his covers with a seemingly prepubescent scream as he jumped and clung to his father's muscular shoulder, shaking. "What?! What is time?! I-is something here?! What's happening?!" the frightened teenager darted his eyes around the room in search of either something out of place, or something that just isn't right. Thomas looked to his mother for comfort, but was met with the look of horror written all over her face as she slowly pointed to her husband. Thomas shook like a leaf as he slowly turned his head to catch the sight of his father's face.

"TIME FOR BREAKFAST." A demon glared back at him with a wide toothy grin, and Thomas screamed again, detaching from him to run for his mother's side. When he peered from behind her, both her and Savage began laughing hysterically. Thomas gripped the back of his mother's shirt, staring up at her as she tilted her head to look at him. Laura laughed, "Time for breakfast, sweetie." She patted him on the top of his head, petting his plumes as he looked back at the demon who was still glaring creepily at him with deep chuckles emanating from him. The boy's mood shifted almost instantaneously, shaking Laura's hand from his head. "You could've given me a freaking heart attack you jerks!" he whined, wiping his forehead. "Why can't you just wake me up like normal parents?!" "THAT WOULDN'T BE AS FUN THOUGH, WOULD IT? I HAPPEN TO LIKE THAT SISSY SCREAM YOU LET OUT. IT'S HILARIOUS..." Savage Guffawed, pointing at Tom with a clawed finger. "asshole..." Thomas muttered, but in vain as his mother had gasped at him. "Hey, no foul language Thomas, what have I told you?" She furrowed her brow, placing her hands on her hips as the boy stepped back from her slightly. "YEAH, YOU LITTLE ****. WATCH YOUR ****ING LANGUAGE." Savage Added, and Laura dropped her jaw, as both Thomas and Laura began staring at him. "...WHAT DID I SAY?"

After she had breakfast, and Savage retreated back into Spongebob's mind, Laura headed back upstairs by herself while her husband was busy entertaining their young ones with his theatrical cooking skills. Once inside her room, she made her way to the closet to finish packing for a trip. It was going to be their second Honeymoon, and she could just feel these next few weeks were going to be special. Just him with her at a gorgeous crystal lagoon in the Bahamas, a luxury resort with round the clock service, and feeling the Tropical breeze whisk through their pores as they danced the night away on the beach. Nothing could be more perfect. She smiled, searching through her closet to find her best clothes. Nice breathable Tee shirts with a few spaghetti strap tank tops would do nicely with the weather. A blue bikini for the beach, she hummed, picking up several pairs of shorts. Laura smiled, turning to place her clothing neatly in her suitcase. When she returned to the closet to check if she'd missed anything, A white fabric caught her eye buried underneath a few towels. She inspected it from a distance before approaching it curiously. Though upon picking it up, blush crossed her cheeks when she recognized it as her silky white lingerie. She'd worn this for him a few times, always fearing he'd just tear it off of her but always loving the feelings he'd bring afterwards anyway. She softly smiled, blushing more from the memories, wondering if she should bring it. She hummed again, glancing at her bag, then back at the lingerie.
Big Green Platinum Sparx Gems: 5134
#3 Posted: 00:11:41 03/07/2019 | Topic Creator
this ****ing thing is longer than i thought i can't be assed to post the rest
parisruelz12 Hunter Gems: 7248
#4 Posted: 00:39:32 03/07/2019
Good stuff.
looks like ive got some things to hd
Carmelita Fox Diamond Sparx Gems: 9893
#5 Posted: 00:42:04 03/07/2019
Squidward and his wife Squilvia, and Squidward's kids: Squidney, Squidworth, Squidley and Squidlen.
FedUpWolf Yellow Sparx Gems: 1057
#6 Posted: 14:14:11 05/07/2019
i cant get the image of an anthropomorhpic sponge wearing lingerie out my head now. thanks for that
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