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do you guys think
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#1 Posted: 02:55:09 08/06/2019 | Topic Creator
series should have ended with Trap Team

Maybe not Trap Team as-is
I don't know

But imagine if they planned and set production up for it to be the last and ultimate game

As it is, TT
  • While it had cuts, feels like the last game Activision gave a lot of budget and scope to. Evident in the marketing, humongous roster, general polish compared to its successors (I know people say TT is unpolished, but I'm serious, more polished than SC/SI), multiple modes, many levels, many assets, the soundtrack, etc. Even simply still having cards to go with characters. These things just felt much more complete than SC or SI did at all and you can tell it's because the production wasn't as bad and Activision propped it up more.
  • Has the classic Skylanders art style, creating a nice bookend, and honestly I think it looks far better than SF/SC/SI's art, all of those games. Anyway, at the time, this was really a nice callback for many people, and a lot of people were happy seeing the game have the classic Skylanders "heart", which SF was sometimes criticised for lacking. If you look at SI, you can see inconsistencies and cheapness and cuts in the art, and can tell it was a stepping stone to Reignited. SI is honestly the worst-looking game in the series, like SF but without at least a vision and consistency, and while SF has its issues visually it was far cleaner in values etc. and consistent and usually felt less blank.
  • Is the only game with all the playable villains, leaving its successors lacking a major feature that ties into the core gameplay. This is like if Sky7 dropped Imaginators or only had preset ones or something, more than it is like SI cutting vehicle segments. Although they were also major like Traps, I think most of us miss Traps much more. I personally got attached to villains as much as the full-on Skylanders.
  • Is the hardest game. Truly feels hardcore, made to test fans, made to grind on.
  • Is the last game to properly support the old magic items and have classic-style magic items, rather than have them as keys for items you could already get anyway.
  • Is the only game with Trinkets and the last to support nicknames.
  • Has a storyline that really feels like an endpoint. Honestly SC and SI are not canon to me because this is the closest we got to a good story conclusion. Kaos could stop here. It makes sense that after this, the Skylanders could just have kept capturing villains in the same manner. SC also kind of swept TT under the rug. And SI's story is a terrible joke.
  • Has some of the most iconic environments, which kind of progress into different themes, which is reminiscent of and possibly a callback to SA's thematic progression. Like bookends.
  • Also about the environments, it felt like you went everywhere in Skylands during this game, honestly. It felt like a really complete adventure. And SC and SI both reused assets too obviously and they didn't feel as complete as the ones in TT, I felt, certainly lacked the thematic progression (SC's is closer to SG's than SA's which I don't consider a good thing).
  • SC and SI also had way fewer chapters in the main story. I really liked the Elemental Realms but because they're just side-content it makes the main quest feel tiny. Tfw SI has more DLC levels than campaign levels.

I feel like SC and SI were sort of gravy after TT. They don't add nothing, they're both good, but they're both very unnessicary as well. I feel like efforts should have been focused on closing things off with TT, in an ideal world. Nothing wrong with a quadrilogy rather than the dumb rule of threes. And I like series concluding. It should happen more often. It's satisfying, there are few things with the setup to actually keep going on and feel worthy of that. I don't think I would want to see Skylanders go on forever and TT feels like it could have been the right ending point. Not just because of these traits it has, but just burnout starting to happen there for more people than ever, etc.

I would have liked to see added:
  • Heroics if possible, but at least the boosts they still gave in SF.
  • PVP if possible. (I actually care about this much less, but it's nice knowing it exists in the first three games.)
  • I know those two are unrealistic huge demands, so more realistically, just polish the game. There are weird nicks that I don't mind but aren't good everywhere.
  • This is probably unrealistic as well, but maybe flesh out more villain movesets. Maybe round out the villain roster. Just make Kaos a Magic guy as originally planned.
  • Regular Elemental Gates again, as seemingly originally planned.
  • Maybe add real accolades and extra goals like SF's.
  • Maybe bring back the SWAP Zone minigames. Add equivalents for different classes of Skylanders? Dunno, also probably unrealistic.
  • Maybe some other extra modes I don't know. It's got all the combat modes, and balanced level lengths and gimmicks and plenty of level goals so this is not super needed.
  • Make all the hats purchaseable here because god the importing is traumatising
  • Path switching
  • ... Skystones Overdrive? Maybe? I love that minigame. Would've loved seeing it here. Such a great game-within-a-game. Smash is at least faster than the original Skystones and was the template for Overdrive, but yeah you just rush it and there's no depth.
  • Arguably most important, improve the game balance. The gameplay was fantastic. But there were many characters that made you feel helpless, or lacked some useful traits they could/should have had, and some old ones that were adapted poorly.
  • I don't care about the hub customisation in SC at all, and I wouldn't ask for it, but maybe that could have been added in this alternate dimension.
  • Thumpin' Wumpa Islands here. So you have Crash and Spyro in the end.
  • Write the game to actually be the finale, of course.

I feel like that list is missing something, and of course there's more I would like in my dream Skylanders game (some major stuff, really...), but there's my list of how I think they should have added to and concluded with TT.
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#2 Posted: 13:44:11 08/06/2019
No, despite what you keep saying, Superchargers was a good enough ending. Ring of Heroes even goes off of that game rather than Imaginators, since the latter was squeezed out by devs who couldn't even finish the planned levels over a VERY short amount of time. Main threat vanquished, Kaos is in an unlikely alliance but kinda made peace with himself, Glumshanks doesn't get to suffer as much, and no one needs to call the Skylanders for a while.
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