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Your dream games
pankakesparx456 Platinum Sparx Gems: 6918
#1 Posted: 03:35:48 24/05/2019 | Topic Creator
Something that has been on my mind lately has been concepts for video games I would love to see happen but are either unlike or just won't happen period. So I thought I'd make a topic where we can share our ideal visions for games that we want to see come to life.

-Probably the biggest one I want is a new F-Zero game that brings and expands upon everything from GX as well as new stuff. I want there to be the traditional grand prix modes and custom cars like in GX, with all the characters from the franchise thus far. The big thing I want to see happen is an open world component, likely with a story component, in the same vein as other open world racers like The Crew or the recent Need for Speed games. I'd love to have this open playground where you can race F-Zero vehicles in a futuristic world where you can complete challenges and whatnot in the world and have dynamic events like street racing(and that's another thing: street racing in an F-Zero game). It could also have a story that blends the more lighthearted fun of the original games, but with the backstory, lore, and depth of the GP Legend canon.

-Another big dream game of mine is a proper Mario and Sonic crossover. Specifically I would love to see a fighting game that pits Mario and Sonic characters against each other. Whether it's in a traditional fighting game format like Street Fighter or Tekken, or just a Smash clone with a Mario roster and Sonic roster, I think this is the best way a real Mario and Sonic crossover should be done.

-Finally, I want to see a Sonic game that incorporates characters and elements from the comics(specifically the Freedom Fighters and a lot of what showed up in SatAM as well as the comics) and is written by Ian Flynn. Don't really care is the game is classic, adventure, modern, or a mix: I'd be satisfied having a Sonic game that actually has a really good story. Especially since we haven't really gotten that since Sonic Unleashed.

I'm sure I'll have more down the line but I also wanted to hear what you guys have to say.
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DragonCamo Platinum Sparx Gems: 5503
#2 Posted: 03:38:02 24/05/2019
Give me those Ty the Tasmanian Tiger Remakes/Remasters
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Sesshomaru75 Platinum Sparx Gems: 5808
#3 Posted: 03:53:32 24/05/2019
Quote: DragonCamo
Give me those Ty the Tasmanian Tiger Remakes/Remasters

There are remasters already, at least. (Though I'm wondering when the **** they'll come to PS4...)
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