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Pokemon Un-Official Topic V1
KrystalLBX Yellow Sparx Gems: 1405
#1 Posted: 12:43:13 09/05/2019 | Topic Creator
For all the Pokemon Fangames lovers out there

[User Posted Image]
Starting this topic with a pic of a shiny I caught recently in Pokemon Solar Light/Lunar Dark

For comparison this is it's non-shiny coloration

[User Posted Image]
Blame the crest
ThunderEgg Blue Sparx Gems: 549
#2 Posted: 13:39:17 09/05/2019
What a cutie!
Bifrost Platinum Sparx Gems: 6559
#3 Posted: 14:11:48 09/05/2019
Pokémon Vega fo lyfe. Even if I haven't played it, I just love the anime integration it does.
I do art!
HIR Diamond Sparx Gems: 8565
#4 Posted: 16:38:42 09/05/2019
Pokémon Glazed will always be my favorite. It doesn't go unnecessarily dark/edgy like many fangames and doesn't have any fakemon, which I'm generally not fond of. <.<
Congrats! You wasted five seconds reading this.
somePerson Emerald Sparx Gems: 4976
#5 Posted: 16:47:33 09/05/2019
i have been itching to play volt white and blaze black again
alicecarp Prismatic Sparx Gems: 10019
#6 Posted: 07:22:45 10/05/2019
Here's all the ROM hacks that I've played:
Prism - But only the 2010 beta due to the latest version getting a C&D by Nintendo before I got to play it.
Rijon Adventures
Shiny Gold
Liquid Crystal - One of my favourites due to being a Crystal remake and for some reason has Axel from KH as a recurring character.
Ruby Destiny: Rescue Rangers - One of my other favourites due to being a Mystery Dungeon style game.
Emerald 386
FireRed Omega
somePerson Emerald Sparx Gems: 4976
#7 Posted: 04:19:59 14/05/2019
just got past the 3rd gym in renegade platinum and have been loving it
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