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PS4 Error CE-36434-0
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#1 Posted: 07:12:26 10/04/2019 | Topic Creator
This seems to apply to the AUS disc only. I've heard that apparently if you import a UK disc it's fine.

But just putting this out there 'cause until experiencing it myself, I never heard of this issue.

If you try to play an AUS/NZ disc on the PS4, you can't install the update file. It downloads but gives the above error code. You need to delete it anytime it downloads to play the game.

It's not gonna get fixed. Again, just thought I'd put it out there. Extremely disappointing, another nuisance in the way of entertainment with modern gaming. e_e
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Error: You
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#2 Posted: 07:18:09 12/08/2019
must be something wrong on sonys side with the updates, you should report the error to sony/activision so they can get it fixed asap.
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