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Secret Wind-Up variant or just fake?
Buuzer Hunter Gems: 4120
#1 Posted: 16:12:28 17/03/2019 | Topic Creator
Uhmmm... after Krakatoa fake, I don't have faith but in Swap Force there was a code for a "Vicarious Visions Wind Up" found by the cutting room floor, so it’s a possibility
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Bifrost Platinum Sparx Gems: 6343
#2 Posted: 16:17:42 17/03/2019
It doesn't seem fake, it just seems like it's not actually a figure. Swap Force had a ton of weird random palette swaps and I heard SOMEWHERE(maybe a GDC?) that Wind-Up was used for testing a lot - this was probably made just to diferentiate him from the release version.
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Nroc-Nuika Hunter Gems: 4826
#3 Posted: 21:59:35 17/03/2019
He's not in the code for the other games is he? Would they really remove the code for a released figure from later games, even if he was just a limited employee release?
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Drawdler Gold Sparx Gems: 2597
#4 Posted: 07:29:46 19/03/2019
oh, it's cool to actually see it. veeeery old news that a "vvind up" exists, but nobody posted any actual pictures of it afaik so i never knew it was different, just assumed he looked exactly the same.
bifrost is right, but we know it's also in superchargers because back when the tablet version had a glitch that corrupted some collection data and it was still listed there. and... it's in imaginators because that is an imaginators screenshot
we can probably assume it's in trap team because it was probably pointless to delete him (and deleting files could often cause problems, safe to just leave him, also this is why games usually have inaccessible content and unused files.)

if it ever existed in physical form it might have been as merely an nfc chip (very easy to print and test with), but if there are official figures that's one of the best kept secrets so far tbh.

i imagine there are a couple more people looking into internal files now. there seems to be a tad of interest in it, firstly. and secondly, the leftover files in crash were really interesting, and probably grabbed a couple peoples' attention. i'm going to assume this is legit, i see no reason it would be fake, it's not really good bait and again "vvind up" is old news.

it looks really cool though.

also wind-up being used for testing a lot explains a lot about the mechanics in swap force and why he is such a damn good character in that game

btw, krakatoa was an infinitely worse (and baitier) fake lmao
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