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The Patina variants
Nroc-Nuika Hunter Gems: 4946
#1 Posted: 04:10:45 15/03/2019 | Topic Creator
Bit of a long shot on such a dead forum, but may as well try.

I'm trying to complete the chase variants, and the Patina ones are worrying. I remember back when the Burn Cycle was discovered, and how a surprising amount appeared so quickly from one ebay seller. Then another stir when a Patina Nightfall was discovered.

It was later found out the Nightfall was a custom, but I'm still unsure about the sheer amount of surprisingly cheap Burn Cycles available. Can anyone tell if these are overwhelmingly fake, or are they relatively legitimate. Has anyone picked one up? Any information is helpful.
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fairyland Emerald Sparx Gems: 3680
#2 Posted: 13:36:22 16/03/2019
They appeared in large numbers because of Toys R Us's liquidation sale. I got mine from there, but I did have to look though a thousand plus various vehicles to find that one. It's very likely that some liquidator or dollar store is still putting these out in 2109 and people are still finding the variants today for a quick flip.

I firmly believe that Activision printed the hell out of certain cars expecting them to be a huge hit and then they got stuck with them all. They almost certainly upped the number variants made accordingly with huge amount of normal vehicles that they had expected to sell.

So I wouldn't say that they are fake, just extremely easy to get at the moment. Give it another couple years and the prices should go up on them. The supply will dry out and the demand should grow.
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Matteomax Hunter Gems: 4638
#3 Posted: 03:57:08 22/03/2019
I was able to find not one, but two of these at ToysRUs while shopping with my girlfriend around a week before they were closing. Was pretty shocked to find them at the bottom of a bin.

They are most certainly not fake at all. Only four Patina variants were made, seems that the Nightfall was a fake.
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