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what is the best post YOU have made on darkSpyro
whirlwind fan Emerald Sparx Gems: 4519
#1 Posted: 07:12:31 19/02/2019 | Topic Creator
give me those golden posts bby
Vespi Yellow Sparx Gems: 1234
#2 Posted: 07:36:14 19/02/2019
every time i say "im leaving forever bye" and then come back from starbucks with tears in my eyes and a buck of chicken in hand
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exefile Yellow Sparx Gems: 1232
#3 Posted: 07:44:33 19/02/2019
Quote: exefile
This is a pretty good post.

This one.
"I like the games a play because I play them".
ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#4 Posted: 07:54:40 19/02/2019
if this topic gets 100 posts
FedUpWolf Blue Sparx Gems: 963
#5 Posted: 12:34:05 19/02/2019
The one about fluffy kittens.
Buchi Green Sparx Gems: 417
#6 Posted: 13:35:38 19/02/2019
Quote: Buchi
"Eat ****!" exclaimed Piranha Plant as he proceeded to punch me in the nuts with enough force to take down a Star Destroyer.

Wasn't sure if "with enough force to take down a Star Destroyer" would be a good metaphor but I could not think of any better way to convey the immense pain.
Or everything in this topic.
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Metallo Emerald Sparx Gems: 4657
#7 Posted: 23:28:32 19/02/2019
This one
emeraldzoroark Gold Sparx Gems: 2593
#8 Posted: 00:24:25 20/02/2019
Quote: emeraldzoroark
Your ass is a Corsola?

I peaked relatively early in my ds career
This avatar will be a reminder of my ultimate goal.
Even if I can’t bring it to Gen 8.
Sesshomaru75 Platinum Sparx Gems: 5851
#9 Posted: 00:34:31 20/02/2019
[User Posted Image]

never forget : )
A sword wields no strength unless the hand that holds it has courage
Jaggedstar Emerald Sparx Gems: 4885
#10 Posted: 01:22:01 20/02/2019
[User Posted Image]

ew guys there is a report button for a reason
hell yeah
terrafin2299 Ripto Gems: 3418
#11 Posted: 01:57:28 20/02/2019
the time i made a fault in our stars and skylanders cross over. it was like 2014
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ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#12 Posted: 02:20:18 20/02/2019
the skylanders porno rp in my pms
HotDogAndZap Emerald Sparx Gems: 3323
#13 Posted: 02:21:28 20/02/2019
anything from 2013-2014
Carmelita Fox Diamond Sparx Gems: 9668
#14 Posted: 02:26:25 20/02/2019
[User Posted Image]
i cant remember any of my other posts
Crash10 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3108
#15 Posted: 03:48:24 20/02/2019
I don't know you tell me.
Play time's over!
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