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My darkSpyro posh breakdowns
exefile Yellow Sparx Gems: 1638
#1 Posted: 23:25:10 11/02/2019 | Topic Creator
Original topic:

I am quite aware the contents contain Smash although acknowledging the significance I came to the conclusion that this location of the forum would be a suitable place for this long story of misfortune. At a time not long from what time it is now my curiosity discovered a game-breaking occurrence that isn't part of the core experience of the super smash brothers game that no other individual has witnessed and discussed on the wonderful world of the internet - I am not referring to the common All Star Smash occurrence that isn't part of the core experience of the super smash brothers game, the one I am about to explain to you put me in a much more life threatening situation. The transcript may be time consuming if thou are reading the entire story through (and make posh, thanks) but I can assure that thou will not have their time wasted.


The 24 hours that in which I was existing were quite unpleasant compared to other 24 hour time periods when the event occured. A single loli that was in captivity by my hands had no decency and decided to scream while tears came down their face for the whole 24 hours making my mood even less desirable than it was previously. My decision was that I would interact with the video game Super Smash Brothers Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch where I could soften the mental negativity while bashing the **** out of helplessly weak computer players. At the time of the game being turned on, I was notified that a new playable 3D model was added to the roster of legacy video game characters (especially Sonic I love Sonic). **** yeah!, were the words that were played in my mind, a new 3D model ito interact with. The unlocked 3D model was the plant enemy from super mario brothers. Is what is on my screen currently real? Which individual requested vegetation in Smash? (Ya boi Introspecktive that’s who) **** it, I assumed the plant was male and selected the picture of the plant on the interactive 3D model select screen, fighting on the Smashville environment against the villain of the legend of zelda series; Ganondorf. He did not put on a display of strength and did not challenge me in the slightest matching my predictions of how this match would have ended... the 3D model in question moved swiftly and his attempt to inflict pain resulted in hard hits although this fact makes him undesirable to control. Despite being a lv3 computer player Ganon absolutely without question ****ed me hard in the ass. This ticked me off to a higher degree. To unleash the rage the previous rape attempt injected into me my next action was to get revenge on this absolute mother****er. My 3D model that I selected was one I have lots of good experience with, that being Ike, with my opponent, hostile marine vegetation, selecting the Smashville stage as I had done previously, so I could show him how to REALLY **** someone in the ass. Unfortunately, I had not predicted the implications of the sexual assault that I had planned for the common enemy from the super mario series.
Before the motion of my 3D model covering parts of the terrain had been performed, hostile marine vegetation had used the grab ability disabling my characters control. My input was unnecessary as I name some nerdy competitive terms (who gives a ****?). Once I had regained control of my 3D model of choice the process of him charging his powerful attacked was already complete and I was unsuccessful in fulfilling the duties that I had set myself. As I list some more nerdy **** nobody cares about, I lost the fight, which I deserved for using terms that are used when people take a kids game seriously.
After the loading screen was complete and the 3D model select screen was on screen again, Ike was not in his usual position, in fact, he was not in any position. He could not be selected anymore, it’s like MugoUrth hacked my game to remove all the humans he hates for some reason. It may have been an oversight by the development team? That’s too ****ing bad, I can get into a conversation with Nintendo at a later time period. At this moment, I just wanted to **** this plant so hard it wouldn’t even be allowed on pornhub. "I greatly despise vegetation," I said to nobody because I’m a lonely weeb, "who aside from Introspecktive (go sub to him) wanted playable vegetation in this fighting game with a dog that has a duck on it’s back?" I chose the aforementioned dog with a duck on it’s back (who has a really good medley exclusive to Ultimate) for this occasion for the reason that I have not interacted with this 3D model for much time. I could just turn the game off but I guess I just have to be a curious little **** don’t I? I selected another battle on Smashville (pick a Sonic stage with Seven Rings in Hand next time) and did not emote for the moments before hostile marine vegetation covered some more terrain. My patient efforts were useless, as he did not move from the coordinates that he had spawned on. I went through all three of the dogs obnoxious taunts to see if the plant would emote at all, he was not interested at all. My next option that I had made for myself as an individual was to move to his coordinates and see if literally hitting him in the face would change his current demeanor. To my humble surprise, at the time my attack was about to be launched, the interactive media stopped it’s regularly scheduled motion.
IT’S NOT USE!, I moved the closed screen from my laptop upwards and pressed the power button for the RGB image to pop up on my screen while I would browse for a possible solution to this irritating issue. Though to my dismay, the RGB image on my laptop screen was not what had previously been selected, instead it was replaced with that goddamn hostile marine vegetation. I moved the pointed white arrow at the internet icon and clicked on it, all applications and storage folders on my laptop were replaced with an image of hostile marine vegetation. The storage folder where incomplete curriculum papers... hostile marine vegetation anime porn. This is ****ing awesome? At this moment of the universe's existence I had no options to reverse the effects of the hostile marine vegetation. I did the reverse of the action that caused the RGB image to be displayed on my screen earlier, as this procedure was taking effect the audio coming from my RGB interactive 3D model displayer, was quite unsettling, this audio is not what thou would normally have their ear holes be filled with. "Which individual thought that talking about the very powerful and godly hostile marine vegetation would have resulted in a future of innocence? The hostile marine vegetation is much more important than the lazy traitorous gods that thou worship." Before my eyeballs could adjust to the unusual occurrence on my television projection, my attention was drawn to the fact that the 3D model on my screen had suddenly entered my plain of existence. I wanted to assure it that I was only being playful when I exclaimed that I wanted to **** it in the ass. But how could something fictional be standing before me in my own shelter?
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exefile Yellow Sparx Gems: 1638
#2 Posted: 23:25:25 11/02/2019 | Topic Creator
While I was processing the current events, the hostile marine vegetation had began using it’s vocal cords to speak in a coherent language that I would be able to hear and respond to.
"Consume the wet slimy brown blobs that come out of thou asshole!" exclaimed hostile marine vegetation curled it’s leaves into a fist and moved that fist to my coordinates with impact that would cause me to wince in pain comparable to the amount of strength thou would need to dismantle a huge fictional moving structure in space. I was bleeding profusely as the hostile marine vegetation took a gander around my place of living. Out of my peripheral vision it had occurred to me that the vegetation was headed for the prison below my place of living and I had equated what the vegetation had in mind. 400 light years later I decided to check on the progress of the vegetations movement - my lunch was dead. The young animated females I had contained for the purpose of consuming where not alive, the drawings with red all across them as they law on the floor, possibly raped then killed by the vegetation. I realised that calculating the situation for 400 light years was not the best use of my time. One of them made a sound when they’re supposed to be DEAD, BUCHI THIS TALE IS QUITE INCONSISTENT I SAY! With my amount of negativity forced into my bloodstream I exited my place of living, grabbed my nuclear bombs and hunted for the hostile marine vegetation.
Once carefully shutting the door of my place of living, I heard the sounds of a vehicle moving along the paved ground while the gorilla who refers to himself as an ass (it’s a good video go watch it stop reading this) was audible from the vehicles sound player. I ignored this casual occurence until, in front of me the red and white mug of the hostile marine vegetation had filled my vision while it was holding dangerous firearms. "Thou are not alive in my perfect vision of earth!" he whispered as he held the trigger and pelted me with bullets. My corporeal being could not withstand the hostility. I had the decency to hide behind garbage as to not draw attention to my bleeding corpse. I had estimated that these were the last moments of my living. My eyeballs were covered by the skin of my eyelids, the one life I had not used effectively was fading, son I would end up as satan’s sex slave. Though unfortunately the end of my time alive would not end the horror of the hostile marine vegetation, the final images in my head were of the dreaded vegetation taunting my weakness to emotional support and bullets.
Though the story had not reached the end at this moment. (WHY? WHY CAN’T YOU JUST DIE AND LEAVE IT AT THAT!?) Time passed as I regained consciousness, being interrogated by what seemed to be the FBI. "Thou are the individual that spawned the murder machine, am I correct in my line of thinking?" asked the fat one. "Well, I wasn’t the only individual who caused this hell... It would be in my interest to relay my perspective of-" "Shut the **** up! You will be put down at a later time period, but at this moment there is a greater threat on the horizon." My mind had never processed something so unrealistic. I wanted nothing more than to Smash some o my Bros, what involvement does the FBI have on my sex life? Was my assumption that the hostile marine vegetation only had eyes for me incorrect? The events unfolding at this period in time couldn’t possibly be caused by the actions of the hostile marine vegetation. The fatass who cut me off eariler explained the situation: "At this time, we have had requests to investigate some vegetation that was viewed murdering individuals all across our failing country. His motivation has not been specified, although the strength of the vegetation is unlike what has ever been documented in the past. We sent all of the pigs to destroy the vegetation, but they all shot each other because the vegetation had tricked them into thinking they were jaywalking, we are the resistance. At this moment we are not in a position where we can make a decision other than to use our ultimate weapon on him - the legend himself, Introspecktive."
I had no clue what topic these military retards were chin wagging about, despite the fact that I pretended to show my understanding in their plan. "The vegetation is near our coordinates!" screamed a really skinny soldier, at this moment my attention was consumed by the image of the vegetation. Some idiot left one of the doors open and hostile marine vegetation had strudded in like he was the king of every conceivable area of the planet. "Move the gates from the upward position to the downward position! Send in ya boi Introspecktive!" barked the leading officer, "Your request is my duty sir!" responded the absolute fatass. The place of entry was covered by the same material the whole structure was created by. A portion of the space below the roof was not visible for a certain amount of time as perhaps the sexiest Zard main I have ever had the pleasure of examining emerged from the area that was opened. He was armed with his Smash mains: Pokemon Trainer, Ridley, Snake and the 4th one was... the hostile marine vegetation? The hostile marine vegetation stood idle before stopping in its tracks after hearing what came next. The Introspecktive spoke “Yo what’s good YouTube it’s ya boi Introspecktive” the hostile marine vegetation turned 180 degrees and tears came out of its… eyes?.
“Senpai?” the hostile marine vegetation managed to say over the hardcore amount of tears.
So this posh reimagining concludes, with ya boi Introspecktive and the hostile marine vegetation returning to their home planet where Introspecktive wouldn’t upload for a month.
Buchi suddenly remembered that he bought his nuclear rockets with him and he proceeded to blow up the world anyway.
“All’s well that ends well” - Tails the Fox when a whole city was destroyed and he was standing on its ruins.
Buchi Ripto Gems: 445
#3 Posted: 00:16:27 12/02/2019
This is by far the most beautiful topic I have ever witnessed on darkSpyro and I now declare it my waifu. Dammit exefile why don't you make more topics like this?
exefile Yellow Sparx Gems: 1638
#4 Posted: 01:33:17 12/02/2019 | Topic Creator
(I'm not making a new topic for each posh breakdown so I'll put them all here)

Original Topic:

I am in a position where I am not knowledgeable to your reasoning. You give me the harsh label as a weeb as you ignore the fact Useless Conversation includes a whole section dedicated to the discussion of anime that is almost completely filled up? Then you proceed to fantasize my existence as some sort of end of an object or terrain lord at any time I communicate. I may have described my enjoyment for guro though that is not a good reason to antagonize me, do you not understand? The most offensive attempt at hurting one's feelings, is labeling my waifus young short animated females with big eyes. Are you really in the line of thinking where you conclude that Yuuka appears as what was previously described in your perspective? Saki? That is not the type of individual I represent! I am a fan of guro, not young short animated females with big eyes! My true identity can be defined with ease, I am the same as thou who may be reading this, I am deserving of much more respect than thou has previously subjected me to! It would seem that's not the case, thou have a general inability to show some common decency toward me, thou seems to find much more pleasure in calling me weeb and a lolicon and a degenerate and all insults imaginable. That is not a very kind thing to say to an individual like myself! I enjoy anime, I enjoy guro. Is this harsh act really warranted because of my interests? Negative. Despite this thou never leaves me alone, whenever an opportunity arises you take it with more speed than you would if you could save children from a fire. Buchi typed English words into a topic on I shall forget about the feelings of the creator as an individual and be an obnoxious little ****! I have been dismissing this behavior for quite a while, but at this period of time I have reached my limit of patience. I am quite annoyed. Unaroused by your efforts to put me down and make me feel like old McDonald's horse ****, despite the fact that I am the same species as thou. Thou should understand that I am more deserving of positive reinforcement. Put on a note what I am about to describe concerning the situation, as an individual I am aware of what I have explained and what I will explain now, that my existence on this planet will not be wasted and I will make substantial progress compared to every one of you children all in one. Once I have completed constructing my new world order myself and Yuuka who is not real and is just a picture of a girl in an anime style will proceed to watch from above and cackle at the your lack of progress as individuals. I would recommend that thou change their attitude when I am a portion of the topic that is being discussed, my reason being that at some point in the future I will have changed the whole world into my vision I have had for extended periods of time.

Quite alright. There is nothing else to mention. The conclusion of my ramblings. I would suggest thou should post what is on their mind regarding this cry for attention. It is in my greatest interest to observe how thou would respond to this petty nerd ****.
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TheFlyingSeal Platinum Sparx Gems: 6506
#5 Posted: 01:39:16 12/02/2019
Great crossovers don't exis-
Buchi Ripto Gems: 445
#6 Posted: 01:40:47 12/02/2019
Eh. Got a little better towards the end but was nowhere near as good as the OG.
exefile Yellow Sparx Gems: 1638
#7 Posted: 02:12:11 12/02/2019 | Topic Creator
Original Topic:

what thou is observing is a musical performance that I have described as unintelligent methods to skylander

set orange heat waves over to the address of an individual that erupts like a volcano, grab an acorn from the natural forest and use it to make contact with the destruction of the base of a tree, remove destruction and terrors' medical treatment from it's original location while avoiding the usage of a small insect that buzzes around areas; more specifically in brighter areas, use a purple serpantile; or reptilian that has wings to lift it above the ground as well as having the ability to exert flames from it's highly dis-proportioned face for the purpose of attracting an individual that may have a heightened sense of awareness resulting in being more fearful of anyone or anything. Unintelligent methods to skylander, unintelligent methods to skylander, the most unintelligent methods to sskylanderr, quite a few unintelligent methods to skylander. Complete the action of retrieving thou very own small green creature with enlarged abnormal teeth but only with a utensil used to remove foods of the pate and into thou digestive system, complete thou individual task of business that correlates to the positive emotion of pulling the part of firearms that result in a bullet being shot out at high speeds, educate thyself on the procedure of becoming the bones that shape into the human body, consume the cookie that has been stored in the electric storage unit used to keep everything cold for convenience for 336 hours and 20160 minutes. Unintelligent methods to skylander, unintelligent methods to skylander, the most unintelligent methods to sskylanderr, quite a few unintelligent methods to skylander. Send an invitation to the gloomy green walking bomb with 4 feet to appear idle on the left or right side of your coordinates, run your nails along a loud noise or explosion of a storage of air; typically a balloon liquid that bubbles and makes a hissing sound's new scientific concoction, remove thou electrical charges once thou has made it to outer space, take advantage of the top part of the human skeleton that is at a high temperature as a location to take refuge in secret. Unintelligent methods to skylander, unintelligent methods to skylander, the most unintelligent methods to sskylanderr, quite a few unintelligent methods to skylander. Continue to include a sausage wrapped in a bun as a family pet, display both of thy wings anywhere on the internet, consume a bottle of a liquid that represents a fictional fire rhino, Thinking... I am curious as to what action this timer going down exactly relates to? I am the specific mixture of gunpowder and fire that thou has requested (explosion, typically caused by explosives)! Unintelligent methods to skylander, unintelligent methods to skylander, the most unintelligent methods to sskylanderr, quite a few unintelligent methods to skylander. Create a costume that would mimic the appearance of a fictional pizza topping that attacks with a slingshot for the occasion with an affiliation to a volcanic eruption, enjoy a simple game with a group of hostile wasps without the need for clarification, stand idle on two feet against the edge of an island in the world of skylands, move your vehicle left or right to avoid making contact with a fictional fire rhino when the traffic lights signal to pause all momentum and forward movement from your vehicle, move swiftly from one end of the designated space where violence determines the winner of a competition so you may reach the opposite coordinates of the same area other competitors might not comply with the instruction to be sneaky and quiet although there is no doubt it may still occur. Unintelligent methods to skylander, unintelligent methods to skylander, the most unintelligent methods to sskylanderr, quite a few unintelligent, quite a few unintellegent methods to skylander.

A happy face, used to describe a feeling of joy.
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whirlwind fan Emerald Sparx Gems: 4701
#8 Posted: 09:49:32 12/02/2019
this is just me trying to reach the minimum word requirement on an essay
exefile Yellow Sparx Gems: 1638
#9 Posted: 10:14:08 12/02/2019 | Topic Creator
Essay's are EASY
FedUpWolf Yellow Sparx Gems: 1095
#10 Posted: 15:44:32 12/02/2019
Your posh version of Dumb ways to Skylander is my absolute favourite.
whirlwind fan Emerald Sparx Gems: 4701
#11 Posted: 09:19:36 13/02/2019
i want to marry this topic
exefile Yellow Sparx Gems: 1638
#12 Posted: 11:19:07 13/02/2019 | Topic Creator
Original Topic:

Unintelligible audible rambling, continued unintelligible audible rambling, similar although possibly opposite unintelligible audible rambling,
inter dimensional unintelligible audible rambling, untranslatable unintelligible audible rambling, depressing although uplifting unintelligible audible rambling,
racist unintelligible audible rambling,
continued similar although possibly opposite inter dimensional untranslatable depressing although uplifting racist unintelligible audible rambling

A single grey coloured stone with humanoid features and structure with an expression of disappointment

"I am quite displeased with the current events that are transpiring in my sight of vision".
"Has thou commenced the act of destroying thy room of food related activities?"
"I have just had a personal moment of inspirational event planning!"
"It is in my current interest that thou join myself in a musical act involving costumes that hail from Mexico".

A small purple little **** and a single grey coloured stone with humanoid features and structure performing the musical procedure that was previously translated correctly.

These two individuals have reached the conclusion of their performance and are now dressed for an occasion involving making contact with high amounts of H20.

"This 24 hour time period is in the process of becoming quite joyous for myself indeed, I am curious if thou are experiencing similar emotion to myself".

The rock like humanoid has seemingly made an incorrect turn and is smooching a rather unattractive orange female with an unspecified species.

The rock like humanoid has an image of his true lifetime partner which is a regular looking pink rock with a pink bow that seems to be inanimate without the humanoid features our good friend schnitzel posses proudly.

"I have been in a functioning relationship with this pink stone for 5000 light years and would appreciate if thou were to erase the visual misunderstanding from you noggin, thou have my thanks."

It seems that the ass of the humanoid stone is throbbing in an unrivaled surge of pain and displeasure, our rocky friend is quite uncomfortable at this moment but assures thou that he is able to be flexible in his physical torment.

"Thou shall have no empathetic opinions on the current situation, as I have prepared thou with a sexy visual display that will expand thou wiener quite substantially."

"Thou are witnessing the collection of my efforts as I am currently displaying!!!" "I request that thou state thy honest opinion on the subject of what is in visual vicinity"!

The stone humanoid looks displeased with his recent discovery and exclaimes the single phrase his vocal cords can muster.

"Thou will have positive tension at a later point in time, I have a vivid memory of a few hours in the past and I must complete a deposit at the coordinates across the paved path, I shall be in contact with thou in a short while, I request that you remain in your current position as I am absent from this space of living."

A visual animation of our two protagonists making their necessary deposit.

"Thou have displayed monumental patience, it is now the hour where I perform the sexual act which I had promised at this same 24 hour interval."
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