Favourite icy themed level in Spyro 1-3?
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Jaggedstar Platinum Sparx Gems: 5029
#1 Posted: 15:26:57 02/02/2019 | Topic Creator
i feel like i'm probably going to get lynched but

yeah who plays fortnite? Drop your names if you wanna add me (I play on PS4 if that makes a difference)
hell yeah
BroGuy Blue Sparx Gems: 659
#2 Posted: 16:00:49 02/02/2019
Fortnite? More like abortnite! Hahaha!

No but really tho, I've played it myself until I got bored of it and it's not terrible, I see the appeal in it's gameplay and when teaming up with friends, so yeah, I enjoyed it for a short while.
No U
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ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#3 Posted: 19:52:27 02/02/2019
i found it kinda boring tbh
parisruelz12 Hunter Gems: 7176
#4 Posted: 20:05:34 02/02/2019
fortnite is a meme but in all honestly it just doesn't look like my kind of game.
looks like ive got some things to hd
Vespi Yellow Sparx Gems: 1394
#5 Posted: 20:35:23 02/02/2019
[User Posted Image]

if this becomes an all purpose fortnite topic im making sure this is on the first page
I am Groot. (*I Guardians of the Galaxy 23:48*)
Gharlant Green Sparx Gems: 479
#6 Posted: 05:28:34 04/02/2019
Fortnite is pretty dope. My Epic games name is Gharlant I think, though I haven't been on in a while. But I plan on picking it up again once I'm done with my current backlog of games.
Johnbonne Yellow Sparx Gems: 1093
#7 Posted: 07:01:50 05/02/2019
I got burnt out after the nightmare that PvE progression became. Quit ever since it became a Battle Royale game.
Jaggedstar Platinum Sparx Gems: 5029
#8 Posted: 17:03:12 11/03/2019 | Topic Creator
oof all the hate
hell yeah
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