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What is an Australian?
Gharlant Green Sparx Gems: 137
#1 Posted: 05:03:53 20/01/2019 | Topic Creator
I don't understand
exefile Blue Sparx [online] Gems: 749
#2 Posted: 06:29:32 20/01/2019
From experience of being one, I'm pretty sure that Australians are just a slight improvement of those "Americans", I don't know much about these "American" creatures but they scare me.
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darkwolf Emerald Sparx Gems: 4127
#3 Posted: 06:56:27 20/01/2019
aren’t they the upside down people?
whirlwind fan Emerald Sparx Gems: 4093
#4 Posted: 07:20:48 20/01/2019
we are home to a wild species called tony abbott who is seen sporting budgie smugglers around Australian beaches
Bolt Emerald Sparx Gems: 4854
#5 Posted: 08:14:10 20/01/2019
we don't actually exist. just like the moon, we only exist as a hologram.
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Muffin Man Gold Sparx Gems: 2659
#6 Posted: 10:50:06 20/01/2019

Australian !!
yep. we were convicts.
yep. we do have cool accents.
yep. yanks do give us the ****s.
yep. we are beer guzzling machines.
yep. we say do say mate alot.
yep. we have perfect beaches.

People who are citizens of Australia, one of the best countrys in the world.

Australians have been stereotyped as a lazy, kangaroo riding, annoying group with crappy accents. NOT TRUE!

But we dont care if people take the piss out of us. People are lining up to come in, that must mean something!

a person who is a citizen of Australia; a dinky die ridgy didge true blue fair dinkum dead set ****er
Yes, I'm an Australian, cobber - a dinky die ridgy didge true blue fair dinkum dead set ****er. Welcome to the land down under.
whoever reads this shall succumb to the ways of the Muffin
FedUpWolf Green Sparx Gems: 456
#7 Posted: 11:40:29 20/01/2019
A bunch of prisoners that the British put on an island many years ago.
Drawdler Gold Sparx Gems: 2410
#8 Posted: 12:38:25 21/01/2019
average day

@miffin man
you ever realise smilie can t-pose AND dab at the same time
Muffin Man Gold Sparx Gems: 2659
#9 Posted: 19:23:36 21/01/2019
Is Miffin Man my sexy alter ego?
whoever reads this shall succumb to the ways of the Muffin
Jaggedstar Emerald Sparx Gems: 4381
#10 Posted: 00:30:52 22/01/2019
shhh it's a secret you heathens
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