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DS version speedrun challenge (Malefor%) [spoilers]
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Hey everyone. This is just an idea I am throwing out there for anyone who really enjoys the DS version of this game, and also enjoys completing it quickly. This version of the game holds a lot of sentimental value for me and I've been thinking of new ways to enjoy it. So I present to you: the Malefor challenge (or Malefor%). Keep in mind this is a work in progress. I have only been doing this for a few days but I've made enough positive changes to where I am confident enough to share it here in hopes that somebody might get some enjoyment out of this challenge. Also keep in mind I may reference levels or story elements of this game so do not read onward if you are still worried about that sort of thing.

The Challenge

The idea of this challenge is to reach Malefor as quickly as possible and then compare your times (using the in-game timer found on the file select menu) to other fans of this game and see who is the fastest.

Why Malefor?

The reason why I call this the Malefor Challenge and why I don't just speedrun the entire game has to do with two main factors: accessibility and the way the game records times. Actually those two are kind of connected. Let me explain. Dawn of The Dragon on DS keeps track of your time, and you can view it on the file select screen. However, there is one major flaw with the way the game tracks your time: it only records your time up until the second phase of the last boss fight. So let's say it took you 2 hours to reach Malefor. It takes you 5 minutes to beat the first phase, so now your time will be 2hr 5min. If it takes you another 10 minutes to defeat his second (and final) phase, your time will still only be recorded as 2:05, not 2:15. This is because the game only records your time whenever it autosaves, and there is no more autosaving after you begin the second phase. The game saves right as the second phase begins so whatever time it took you to reach that second phase will be the time that is displayed on your save file. This means that the game does not track how long it took you to actually beat the game, it only tracks how long it takes you to reach the final phase of the final boss and then stops recording.

So that explains the problems with the game's in-game timer, so why don't we just use a timesplit software like regular speedruns? Because I want this challenge to be accessible to as many people as possible. I don't think everyone has 100 dollars to spend on a DS capture card so it seems the most accessible way to play and time this game is also the most natural: with a Nintendo DS and a copy of the game. As stated above, the game only tracks your time until you reach the last phase of Malefor, not when you actually defeat him. But for this challenge, we will be manually stopping the challenge when we reach his first phase, immediately after finishing the floating islands level. Why? Because the game doesn't differentiate between the first and second phases of the fight. On your file select screen, no matter what phase you are on, it will read "Malefor". The game will still save at the start of the second phase (and reloading your save will put you here), but from the file select screen, there is no way to tell which phase you are on, so I have decided it would be best to just stop the timer at the first phase of the fight when your save file reads "Malefor".

How to play

Simply start a new file and play through the game as quickly as possible. When you finish the floating islands (the level with the 3 colored doors and then a short linear section at the end) there will be a cutscene. After the cutscene you will be in Malefor's domain and the game will save. Pause the game and return to the main menu. Select "load game" and your save file will now say "Malefor" and will have your game time underneath it. Congratulations! You've completed the Malefor Challenge run.

I hope that this was easy to understand. I will probably end up formatting this post a bit better and maybe adding some pictures. Dawn of The Dragon on DS is quite possibly my favorite video game of all time, and I hope that this breathes new life into the game for some people.
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Please ask me any questions if you are curious or let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions. Thanks!
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